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I feel mentally exhausted. I dreamt of all the things that still need sorting out and I want to get them done but I'm at work. If I didn't have to record what my hours were spent doing then I would be sorting through my to-do list. The thing is, I'm not even busy at work since I've dealt with all my clients so far.

Think I'm going to focus on publishing my children's book. There's no death in that one. That's kind of nice.

I'm praying I get to publish two new books this year...
#Author #Prayers

My job interview is tomorrow. Could use the prayers.

Anxiety questions why my boss wants to meet for coffee before work tomorrow in the lobby. Reality dictates it's because he gave away our office for the summer, and he wants to discuss our summer plan. But still that's the same way people get bad news.

I'm a young adult trying to get a foothold in a career...i've been bullied and ostrasized terribly in the past and its done something to me. I truly cannot give a flying crap about anyone else other than my old friends and my parents.
However, i know that work is all about networking and blending in, etc... i was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to hide disdain or indifference well?😅

there is no jobs around here I cannot rely on Mcdonalds or Taco Bell maybe I can hitch hike to a better place get a high paying job to save my bacon I do not know

the next customer to tell me to f***ing smile gets the LONG story of how my cat has gone missing and i'd rather be out looking for him than serving you your 6th f***ing beer

I'm ready to be a lit stripper

I am 8 months pregnant and I was fired on Friday morning I am due 7.17.17 I rarely missed work I missed 3 days back in March due to arrhythmias and I missed 4 days last week and I put in my PTO hours for all of them. Work was becoming really heavy for me to handle but I did my best. I had to sign a PIP back in April to improve my performance and my Vice President had pulled up documentation provided by another co worker things like a wireless mouse was going to be shipped out... read more

"I wont start practicing my art today because its Sunday, even tho I only have a week to come up with a portfolio."
b****, you couldnt start all month, this is just another excuse. How much do you want to bet that you won't start tomorrow either?

I have always over thinked.
At work ive not been given as much responsibilty as I use to.
Happiness will always prevail over money.
So if I feel like this is a delibrate decision and people think im incaple / incompetent.
Il leave. Done it before do it again.
But it makes me so sad because I have friends there but I cant be having extra negativity in my life when its ready so hard to be happy 😢

Why is so hard to find a job

i'm working the evening shift in the pub the night before bank holiday monday (aka the day no one has work and therefore can drink loads the night before)

any tips for not losing my mind and throwing a keg at a bunch of old, drunk, white men?

Lol my mum knew that my failing uni was a possibility bit she doesn't know that it is definitely about to happen. She asked me what I'm going to do this summer and I have nothing to say other than get a g**d*** job! Kind of looking forward to it tbh - it'll be sh**y but also freeing.

I come to work to work. I don't want to be friends. I don't care about what movies you like, what games you play, what artists you listen to. I don't want to know you. I don't want you to know me. I don't want to hang out with you off the clock. No, I don't come to work when I'm off the clock to talk to people. There are more interesting ways I like to spend my time. Just because I don't smile at you every single time you talk to me doesn't mean I hate you. Stop assuming my i... read more

I feel so sick. I can't take it anymore.

Please im so scared

I'm just so tired of my life, in college most of my days were 12-16 hours long, my dad lost his job of 20 years, my mom makes barely $200 every 2 weeks for the last 3 years. There has been times in college I've been without food for almost 2 weeks, times when my clothes were falling apart, when I was sick with no money for medicine but I still performed well in school. Being at those hard times made me work harder than anyone else. I've hit rock bottom so many times and no on... read more

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