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So I'm going to school online and told my fast food job I can only work 15-20 hours per week. They kept giving me 10 per week but I managed because I needed the extra time for some big assignments​. Suddenly they are giving me 25 ish hours in one week. Why is It always way too much or way too little? Is it wrong to complain about this? Almost every one else has a somewhat consistent schedule.

sometimes I'd rather be a prostitute than go to my actual work that's how much I actually hate it

Having a student get mad because they don't want to do work and fail....gee, thanks for that. Try acting your age and work. Ugh

I was just wondering what thoughts I can get on this. I hired in at a fast food restaurant and expressed that I can never work on Thursdays due to school. They scheduled me anyway, but they were super nice when I asked about it. I ended up working Thursday that time because luckily there was no school. Anyway the next week they scheduled me again and I was annoyed but figured they hadn't gotten​around to putting in my availability yet so I made time on that Thursday to come... read more

I need to get out of hereeeee

When someone can't seem to accept a mountain of evidence, so they just keep on keeping on, and spewing their sh**.
Dude, shhhhhh... Stahp now!!! You are for real not helping your own argument. You're actually making yourself look
like an idiot in front of a lot of people.

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I wish someone would blow my job up ( not while anyone is in there though) so I won't have to go into work

I just want to go home tonight and get in bed and forget about everything FORGET even that I exist and just sleep but I have to work 🙄 Ugh! I've had 3 days off so I might as well be ready to go back . But I don't want too do this . Guess have to though

My old boss was not convicted of anything. But by every way he acted and everything he said to his young female employees, you could tell he was like a pedo

Ivanka is the second lady and melonjka is the third but who's on first? Kellyann turd polisher? Every other First Lady worked for this country but ivanka and her child bride step mom just want to make money in their businesses. Profit over public service. A million dollars a day for a dumbass to live in a penthouse and count gold instead of living at the White House and actually working.

Okay, this is an angry feminist talking. What I said earlier about a woman being less likely to get sadistic pleasure from torturing a nation... Women and men are wildly different. That's just the way it is. Different doesn't mean the two sexes aren't equal. They just work in two different ways! Which, ensures the survival of the human race.
Hey, do what makes you happy in this life! Be whatever gender you want! But generally speaking, men and women are different.

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Someone told me I was sexist for making my villain a man. Well, if you don't like it go write your own novel! I wrote the one I needed at fourteen and handed it to the world at twenty!

#Author #ILoveMyJob #PrincessesandKings

I think I've been telling myself the same story since I was fourteen... A young princess fights a big scary man to save her country. And every time I get involved in politics I feel like I'm living the novel I wrote when I was fourteen...


I try to feel for you but I can't quite reach- they did not pay me enough for a car-so I am stuck-I guess that was all my own fault

wtf? I can vent people!!! I'm reading your pathetic "rants". am i the only one with pure disdain and anger holding my body together? without this disgust with life how could I hold my coffee in the morning? Venting? Venting? I liken to my airing of disparage to the tear in the ozone where sh** is getting out where it should get out and sh** that should stay in is like "oh fk no, I ain't going back in there". I'm just a regular human. Westerner. Privileged. Of moderate comfort... read more

I COULD resent the author that took my book's birthday and bumped me down a month... OR... I could be grateful because a month after my book came out my Peaches were born. It makes everyone's birthday's easier to remember.

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I let my husband convince me that I would enjoy this career change. That I love making a difference so this was perfect. I do love making a difference. But the healthcare field is not something I wanted to be involved in. I didn't enjoy learning about it. I didn't enjoy school. I didn't enjoy being in fieldwork. And I don't enjoy working in it.

It's so much work. It doesn't have to be a lot of physical work (if I could even find a job somewhere else) but it is ALWAYS a TON o... read more

I just started a new job and I can already tell I'm not ready for it. It's my first real "adult" job, but I feel so overwhelmed already. I miss my old job, where it was familiar and friendly. This job seems so much more cut throat and no nonsense. I hope I can do it, but I don't know that I can.

Should've been a divorce lawyer. There's never any shortage of business.

I wonder if my book will get popular if I bash it on social media... You know, under a different name.