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So I'd like to start off by saying no one needs to bother reading this or let alone commenting, I'm just here to vent because my family won't listen and friends won't either so I've come to the internet like most people do! Anyway, the topic is 'work', my manager, who was more of a friend than a boss but if she had to be stern than she would be, is leaving. She got a better offer somewhere else, more money, closer to her house. I get it, I mean she has a family to provide for... read more

So my boss retired today....leaving a sh** ton of responsability on me....with no pay raise or job title adjustment......aaaaaaaand no help to even watch over when I need to I'm basically stuck and alone while only halfway learning this crap......eeeyup, kill me.

TSG Water Resources

Do not do business with these people. If you can get them to pay at all they are extremely slow.

Man i am straight up tje dumbest f*** on the planet

My manager is such a c***. So I'm the only one opening and she assigns me a task that's in a different part of the store than the one I'm required to stay in once the store opens. 15 minutes before I have to open the store. And yes, the task takes longer than 15 minutes, and there is also like 3 other people who already work in that department and would have happily/easily been able to do it if she had asked them. But she has to do everything the difficult way..anyway I do as... read more

My boss was trying to start sh** with me. I quietly reaponded to what they said they were doing and then they whirl back on me saying what? Did you hear me? And then i was about to be like sir yes sir becaus what the actual crap. Im doing my job your the boss you dont need my approval to do anything.
And ugh so much more but i dont want to get into it.
I dont know why they suddenly hate me. Well its not suddenly its ugh i dont know whats going on but they need to get over it ... read more

>College wants me to have work experience.
>Looks for jobs.
>EVERY DAMN JOB requires work experience.

How am I meant to get work experience if I need work experience to get work experience?

I need to make poopoo but I have so much work to do... HNnnNNnnnGG...

wasting time at work...stuck with a career i dislike.

Coworker is super bossy but is the same status do I a. Put her in her place b. Go Along with it. C. Stay away from her even though this is tough considering we are in a group project. This is clearly a case of group conformity, where the other two girls are following her around like a puppy. I'm the bad guy for not taking orders from my less senior employee

Why can't my team account for themselves in the smallest of ways I ask? #depressed

I appreciate and respect my employees so much. I wish they believed that.

I am a business owner, a boss. It's shocking to know what I know about employer liability and to navigate what employees feel like they deserve. If I could go back and do a do over, I'd be the best grateful non boss ever. #naive

People are in roles beyond their capacity. They make my life so complicated. Kill. Me. Now. Before. They. Get. To. My best revenge is really to walk in front of a bus before they get to use me up? #morons

I'm having a sickie today... 🙊

My boss is currently trying to blame me for why were about to fail audit.
When she occasionally takes money out of the register when were over. f*** the absoluteness of my existence.

Expectation. "So why didnt you come into work on time?"
"Oh? Maybe you should have a week off to figure out things."

Reality. "So why didnt you come into work on time?"
"Depre... Sorry."
"Get to work or you're fired."

Don't be a jerk when friends or classmates get jobs you BOTH applied to,

they might be in a position to hire you in the future.

Holy f***, holy f***, holy f***. My dream job called but I have to move to Michigan and find my own housing to do it.

#Wyomingite #Michigan #ForestService #ButMyFamilyIsEverythingToMe

All important decisions must be met with a long hike.

#Wyomingite #INeedACigarette