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Worst night ever. Oh my God.

Happy mother's day to one of the strongest and most beautiful people I have had the good fortune of meeting. You deserve the best today and every day.

If guys had periods they would brag about how big their tampons are.

Is anyone else here tired of this 72+ gender bulls***? Because I am.

I have a theory that there are more conservatives than liberals on muttr. I have no particular opinion on this. I am merely curious to test it.
Heart this post if you are a conservative, laugh at it if you are a liberal.

Omg, That Ariana Grande concert was a blast! She sure put on a KILLER show last night! :)

If this "72+ gender" thing is true, I identify as a lightbulb at 8:00 am and a male dragon at 12:00 pm. Around 9:00 pm, I identify as a cactus. Memorize all my genders or you're dead to me!!!!1!!!1!!

Rapists deserve torture and death, heart if you agree!

So, earlier i was in the bus, a black guy with a broken leg gets on board, since it can be really uncomfortable to stand in a moving bus with crutches, i got up and offered my seat.

And the dude starts cussing me out and calling me a "worthless white trash" and a "white demon" because i'm "oppressing him by trying to make him sit in front of me, which would put him at a lower position."

So look dude i don't give a f*** about your skin color, you have a f***ing broken leg so... read more

People think I'm crazy because I'm into astrology, and spiritual teachings. Okay honeys. Call me crazy when the exact depiction of your dream man comes into your life, no strings so far. But manifestation is a real thing. For about a month I've been telling myself I am thankful for this gorgeous bi sexual man, with tanned skin, massive green eyes, super fit stubble, well kept hair, manly dress sense, beautiful car and massive dick that has downward curve like the shape of a b... read more

Just applied for a WIC because im a single father with a kid. I got a friggin breast pump with a bunch of formula. WHAT THE f*** AM I GONNA DO WITH A BREAST PUMP?!?!

Not all Muslims are terrorists.

I miss brokeback spammer troll and the radical feminist lesbian against piv. They were like, perfectly matched enemies but then you realize they are just picky about where a dick goes in a world that says the only way to have sex is straight guys penetrating straight girls who become domestic slaves. They are right, there are other options but most people can't see them and are too lazy to try.

Everybody in the world deserves love and compassion. Heart if you agree.

Impeach-o-meter for trump is steadily rising... they say the coverup is worse than the crime but I think the amount of corruption that will come to light will be like a nuclear mushroom cloud. #treason is a pretty big deal

Once upon a time ago I got banned from an ugly dating site. I'm still wondering if I was too ugly for even them OR not ugly enough.

I happen to hate coffee.

Some lame b**** named elevenelevenn on here needs to chill with posting her 700 message chat transcripts to get attention in the trending section. She's probably just talking to herself and I wouldn't care if the posts weren't just her talking to herself and boring sh**. It's not venting. It's pathetic and annoying. She has over a hundred posts and only 2 are advice. Lmfao.

Trump is greedy and selfcentered but he doesn't seem stupid enough to sell out the USA to Russia and Putin... Could it really be blackmail when there's no consequences to his crimes anyway? I don't understand because I'm not insatiable and selfish nor do I watch reality tv thinking it's normal and authentic.

Wake me up inside