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Rapists deserve torture and death, heart if you agree!

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I support non-binary people. I don't care if you don't, just show them a tiny bit of respect and use the pronouns they ask.

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21 years old. Slept with 29 men. Only 3 were actual boyfriends.

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I love Rick and Morty.
Especially Rick.
I'd f*** the hell out of Rick.

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I wanted to cut so bad yesterday for my first time but i was such a p**** b**** and ended up making tiny scratches fuuuuukkkk. I wanna do so much more but i don't have the courage.. sigh

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someone on this site literally like commented something describing vents here as 'self absorbed' that's so insensitive ???? people here may be on the verge of suicide and come here it's not all just funny posts or drama when people come here eating popcorn scrolling down, people may have nowhere else to turn
this site's even intended for it, as i post,a hotline pops up.
some people r just so inconsiderate @ everyone havin a rough time right now on any scale, ur fe... read more

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I'm 21 by boyfriend is 52. We've been together for 7 months and mind you it is not a materialistic relationship because he has never bought me anything and I'm pretty well off myself. About a month ago he told he he had to have urgent liver surgery and flew to Europe the next day for the operation. Luckily his sister was able to message me from his phone to keep me up to date with his recovery. I cried almost every day and especially during his operation I couldn't even get o... read more

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Why is there so much hate for this new site update? I do not understand the river of tears flowing because of it.

What exactly changed? Your general layout is the same. The design elements look different but almost everything is in the same place. There have been member's only notifications for years.

If you are unhappy with the new look. Thats your opinion but it is crazy to cry foul of a site when they ADD MORE features and benefits WITHOUT removin... read more

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Oh, I see it's trolling hour. Or hours. Possibly day.

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Some muttr rules:

1. If you're new nobody cares. You don't have to tell us you are new or that this is your first muttr.

2. Vent away, but if you are a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist or any other type of hateful bigot expect to be called out on it.

3. Wrote a long muttr? You don't have to warn us. We can see whether its long or not and we won't be all "You tricked me into clicking on it!"

4. Think you can troll with anony... read more

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I'm curious...everyone heart this.

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Rapists deserve death, just look at all the trending hearts and hopes for their painful torture and organ harvesting!

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Remember that blessed night you poked my boob for 1115 seconds and I fell down screaming in pure ecstasy? Most intense orgasm I ever had. I know. You barely had to touch me. And I was so off you.

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The Bible says women who menstruate are unclean and that basically anyone who touches us are "unclean" as well. I didn't ask for this fam. Why do I feel offended.

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i just woke up to my bf's dick pic. not really amused and used to this.

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Damn what's with all of these relatable muttrs today y'all get me.

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I feel pretty bad for my boyfriend right now. He went to hang out with a friend yesterday and didn't come back until this morning, turns out he'd just been walking around in the woods. He's pretty depressed and earlier he said he was gonna take 9 benadryl and go to sleep because he "didn't wanna bother me with his sh**." and if makes me kinda sad that he thinks that, because if he doesn't want to talk about it, i understand. But when he wants or needs to talk i've always been... read more

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Honestly, all Muttr really needs is more moderators to take care of those f***ing trolls.

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I'm bisexual, non-binary and proud. :)

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Now mind you I am using actual trans labels

Hi I'm a 16 year old chinese girl = 55 year old white male= transgender+transracial+transager!

See how delusional you weirdos are, you talk about how you have been lying to yourselves
so is it any wonder when some one else points that out? LOL

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