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I'm just... not going to eat tonight since I don't have any money.

i look forward to the day where a new pair of eyes will make me forget the color of yours

my family makes me want to die

someday it'll all work out

Idk why but I have been feeling super detached from everything: things I love, family, friends, music and it is starting to worry me. I have almost no friends in real life and a few online and deep down I really want to talk to them but for some reason I do don't want to. I guess it's because I have no motivation to speak to them but I'm also thinking that may I just want the attention? But I don't think that because I never had friends my whole life so I'm kinda used to it, ... read more

why is the world so full of bulls*** these days ?

Me: If our class threw a class party, I doubt I would be invited.
Friend: Sure you would, I would invite you.
*One month later, my friends were getting together watching movies I mention to them I'd like to see, they were going to the county fairs, went swimming, never once even asked if I would like to go with.*
Me(to self): You guys sure know how to make sure I don't regret moving 700+ miles this August. Thanks.

I'm in sooo much pain rn

I try my best to be nice to everyone at school but I still get treated like dirt or something,,, I'm attractive and I have friends but why do people treat me that way no matter wat I do people just walk all over me and it makes me feel terrible about myself. I'm such a nice personal seriously..

The struggle when he's really hot but oppressively boring. #DickTooBomb

Help! There is this guy who is confusing the hell out of me. One moment we are friends then the next he just acts like he doesn't know me. Won't even talk to me for like a month. Then out of nowhere pops up and acts like nothing happened. Just leaves me scratching my head like wtf is going on with this dude. Somebody in his close circle told me he liked me and thought I was cute but he sure doesn't act like he finds me attractive majority of the time. Very confused. When I as... read more

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Why is art so FEKING HARD!?
Up above the world so high,
I can't draw the other eye...
Twinkle twinkle, wat da f**k?
Demmit, demmit, I give up.... ; - ;

I think I might actually hate you

I don't even know if I want you back now.

I do, but I don't......

I was going to... never mind.

I think the worst part is feeling alone. Feeling like all the weight is on my shoulders all because I'm the one that can hold the weight. She wants to share the load, I know that deep down, but she can't. Mentally, physically, she's unfit for the pressures of real life. I'm strong, but how strong? For how long? I can feel myself wearing thin. The cheery exterior, the conviction that everything is ok. It's being replaced by cold, hard determination. A determination that she si... read more


So my friend (firend 1) whom I haven't seen in months, finally gets time to hang out. He messages me on twitter saying 'I'm coming to get you, get ready' I say cool, f*** it I'm glad to hang out with my bro, so maybe 10minutes later he comes and I come outside, my other good friend is there (firend 2) in the car and there's two other chicks in the back of the bmw. 1 of them were my other friend's (firend 2) girlfriend, but the other girl I've never seen before so... read more

With everyone claiming voter fraud do the election over

I said my mum could take my boyfriend to the festival with us because she said it was fine Its gonna be Friday tomorrow and he's getting his ticket on Monday and I haven't got mine yet and the festival is next Friday and we still don't know if we are actually going and I'm really upset and cry about it coz I don't know what to do. If I'm not even sure I'm going yet what the hell am I supposed to do or say ... It's stressing me out :(

Can you leave me the f*** alone? Please just leave me the f*** alone. Stop trying to control what the f*** I do.

I work, I go to school, I pay for every g**d***thing. You say I have so much free time. I work 40 hours a f***ing week I want to spend my f***ing day off from both school and work resting. Jesus f***ing Christ!