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Look, I respect your right to believe whatever it is you want to believe. But you can't f***ing blame me for being scared for you, Mother. This is not a normal religion. This is a CULT, and I have TOLD you that, but you just don't care. Well, fine, I'll stop trying to push you out. But I can't guarantee that we can continue to have a relationship. It hurts too f***ing much to not be able to talk to you about 95% of the things that keep me up at night. I can't handle it anymor... read more

What an ungreatful b****. My sis asks for a specific gift. Went to two stores. Got her a better brand more expensive. Only for her ti say do u gave a gift receipt? f*** u. Went to 2 f***ing stores all for a f***ing cocktail shaker. Seriously? ?

You would think after this long I wouldn't get upset. I wouldn't get my feelings hurt. You would think I would be used to disappointment. After all this time I still try and I still love. What good does it do?

I was drawing with a tablet and one of my boobs had an itch, so I scratched it with the tablet pen then realized what I had done several seconds later and wondered for how long I'd been doing this for.

I'm in Love... I'm in Love... I'm in Love.... I think about him when I wake up.. I think about him though out my day... I see him in my future... I see us compromising and keeping each other happy....I think about him when I masterbate.... I think about him before I go to sleep.... and when I can I even dream about him..... I'm in Love... I'm in Love... I'm in Love...# Ilovehim #Ionlywanthim #ihopethislast


Why are you all so judgmental? What made you that way? Why do you have to have an opinion, and only one opinion, the instant something arises? Does anyone look at things from multiple perspectives?

This site is NOT just about venting! sorry to burst your balloon, otherwise there would be NO comment section at all.
And you do have the option to disable comments at posting time, If you don't want the comment then don't invite it in.

it's about venting, sharing, laughing, crying, helping, being helped, and just plain old community,
helping an unknown friend when they are down and maybe lifting the spirits of those around you:)
Standing up against the forces that wou... read more

Oh the sweet things you do to me with your overflowing love~ <3 There couldn't possibly be a better home for me than in your heart.

i've been feeling so lazy lately and i think it's my depression again and i've been feeling like this for three weeks now and i haven't gotten anything done all i'm doing is eating which makes me even fatter than i am now and my parents keep calling me fat lazy selfish and "to snap out of it" and i really want to kill myself again but they've taken every means of me doing that from me

Was having a great Friday, up until I realized I missed an appointment for something bc I had the date mixed up. So now I'm in trouble for it whoop de doo #venting

To reply to the words of Watsky, I have in fact taken many a punch, and have completely forgotten why I should still get up and put one foot in front of the next. I need to give up. I get my drivers license 6 months after everyone else and its totally my own fault. I missed my chance at being able to play the only sport I actually enjoy, and I also found out that my new girlfriend (first girlfriend I've ever had) also plays said sport competitively, which makes it even sh**i... read more

Don't blame feminists for the patriarchy, it's f***ing ridiculous but I get that it is easier than facing the fact that you've normalized violent male domination.

I had an awesome day!! I hope you did too :)

Haha! The people who obsessively respond to my posts don't seem to realize they're perpetuating the circle. So what that you don't like my posts. I don't care if you don't like what I have to say. I have the right to post whatever is on my mind. Your obsessive need to either respond, or copy-and-paste my posts in which I've disabled replies, is very telling about your own neurotically obsessive mindset. LOL! If this is so distressing to you, then stop responding to my posts. ... read more

I can't stop thinking about you. I said you're not alone and you told me you're fine being alone. Well the truth is I'm not fine with it. I wish you can see me the same way I see you but you only want to remain friends. You don't know it but you're really not alone I am here for you. I will always be here...

how do I improve my social life though?

So my husband has done things in the past that have made me want to leave him to be exact seven times i have forgiven him but i dont feel good i feel sick just looking at him but there are times i remind my self why i loved him in the first place i know now hes being faithful i know he has changes but i cant seem to be happy and i dont feel like i used to about him we have a child and maybe we are together because of my baby or maybe im using that as an excuse because i cant ... read more

i really need a miracle to happen >.<
is there any awesome aliens out there wanna kidnap me and save me from myself