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So I was playing Final Fantasy 1, I think my Red Mage is a Pimp.

Everytime I go to an Inn to rest my characters, he never goes into the bed, instead I notice a party member missing and go outside the Inn to see him standing outside with a female npc. Is HP and MP is pretty low at that point but the game tells me "You just got 6,000 Gill".

Wierd sh**.

I laugh when someone says "oh I impulse bought this $20 shirt"

"Yeah have you ever impulsively bought a $849 computer?"

I think I have a problem

I lost someone who I thought was my soulmate. We dated for 8 months. She's the only person I ever really loved. She's moved on and I can't even go outside without having a mental breakdown. I love her so much. We used to dance to Dont You Forget About Me. I remember one day we were at the county fair and when we were at the top of the ferris wheel we took a panoramic picture and kissed and said we loved eachother. her picture is still in my room. jesus christ i hate myself. i... read more

I've had problems with my family from the beginning. I was stuck in a rut of self-harm and depression for a long time, and upon breaking it to my family, I was humiliated and disowned.

My family has been broken from the start. Born to a loveless marriage. Parents eventually divorced and we never sorted out things which needed to be done so.

Mother never speaks to me. The time her partner is not at home, she spends in her room, only ever talking to me to scold me or cr... read more

You don't put any effort into our friendship. You just tell me all the sh** you have trouble with and all your damn problems but you always dismiss all my problems like their nothing. I have sh** too and I'd like it if you'd listen ever. Maybe I need you sometimes. Maybe you shouldn't text me if you don't have anything to say. You can't expect me to carry a conversation when you only give me one word answers. Stop talking about all you problems. Stop complaining about getting... read more

was looking at my text messages and realized i haven't texted anyone outside my family since may. i wish i had friends.

Like if you like ice cream.
Comment if you love ice cream.
Had to post this because of my addiction to ice cream. (I need help)

I would totally do a porn scene with the porn star that goes by James Deen. He even looks kinda like the real James Dean. So sexy and rebellious with a next door boy neighbor look. I would f*** the sh** out of him day and night. Okay my 17 year old hormones have kicked in. Sorry :(

In the past few years I have always found myself angry. Im happy from time to time but it never lasts, I go through stages where I just feel absolutely no motivation to do anything. I have a hard time trusting people and it feels like every time that I do something ends up happening to mess that up. Maybe this is just me being a sixteen year old boy, maybe this is a real problem. It isn't that I dont get attention, or that I don't have friends. I have many friends that would ... read more

I want kids. She doesn't. We've been together for 4 years, and I love her with all I've got. What do I do?

When you know, you know, and I'm doubting. He isn't the one for me, but I so badly want him to be.

I really need friends. I don't need a bf or something like that just a group of friends I can hang out with and do fun things. Why am I socially awkward and distant?

Cus it's you I see but you don't see me
And it's you I feel but you don't feel me
But I'll always be waiting for you Yes I'll always be waiting for you

Hey bro

I know you've been getting a lot from me so I figured if I wanted to talk to you it would best be on muttr, so.
I really really really hope you have a fantastic day -- and week and semester and year for that matter, lol.
I really really love you, but my duty to be a good friend will always come first so just know that I'm waiting for you to acknowledge those texts or send me that "I'm free let's do lunch" text. Don't feel pressured to send it, lik... read more

Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge you because you are a vegetarian.

My whole life I've been treated like complete sh** by most people around me. My mother. My teachers. My peers. My coworkers. Everyone hated my guts.

Now, suddenly, people are treating me like a human being, dare I say like me. I don't know how to take it. It truly boggles my mind. Part of me thinks that I'm being trolled. Another part of me is worried it's going to go to my head and make me an insufferable a**h*** .

But I guess my biggest issue is, why couldn't this have com... read more

Guys, do you always take so much time to reply? I mean I just ... Not all guys do that I know but there's this one guy and I'm anxious for him to reply to my text.. I like him..

I was whining like a b****, then someone reminded me that emotions are for the weak. Now I'm better because I stopped feeling my emotions and just am nothing. Doesn't change much to be honest but at least I'm strong now. I'd recommend it.

I love my friends, I love my family. I just can't love myself. I'm cooking a dinner for us all and I still feel... hollow.
Something hurts inside and part of me hopes it's terminal - at least that way they'll be rid of me sooner.
I'm sorry, I love you all. I wish you weren't shackled to loving me. If I could just fade out then that would be best for all.