So yesterday in my grade, a bunch of girls got sent home for simply wearing skirts- knee high skirts. so my friends and i were talking about it and decided to start a protest. my friend put a snap on her story saying girls wear skirts and guys wear skirts/shorts tomorrow and it eventually went all over. bunch of people were reposting it etc. so today lots of people came wearing skirts and shorts and wanna know what the school did? they didn't even let us in. so obviously, our education isn't important because they didn't let us in for two hours for just wearing shorts and skirts. the school even called the cops on us and we didn't do anything harmful. the teachers were angry, but we were angry too. honestly, TWO HOURS of education gone just because you can see our legs. this school called the cops on their own students and it's not like we were violent. all we did is stand outside. i am ashamed to attend this school. they ended up suspending and sending home over 70 students.