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I don't know who to go to this about, I can't do anything because I feel so ashamed of myself... But i'm failing a high school class that I had gotten a summer extension for. It's not that I'm retarded, I just lost enthusiasm for it, and just everything in general to be honest. It's closing tonight because I didn't do my work in enough time. I feel so ashamed and disgusted in myself, and I feel terrible physically. My feet feel like they are spinning, and my throat feels clog... read more

tips for freshmen on making friends and maintaining healthy relationships?👀

i'm gonna be a freshman, what's the easiest way to make friends? i've already changed my look and some of my personality, but i've never been even remotely popular. i'd like to at least have more than three friends this school year. don't worry, i'm gonna focus a lot on school, for those people saying "focus on school and not making friends". thanks

Um, I think I caused a bus crash? The way I phrased it makes it seem extreme, and all that happened was there was a loud thud, and the next thing you know, the car to the left of us had a very small dent in the back. No one was hurt and nothing happened to the bus. The problem is that I have the sneaking suspicion that I was responsible. You see, I was sitting next to the window on the left side and stood up for a second and immediately after that, the crash happened. My idea... read more

I love astronomy! I love this class so much and I learn things-

well, that's the worst part. I didn't learn a single damn thing.

It's not the instructor's fault, or anyone else. It's just- it's a subject I really want to look into, and now that I'm in this class I finally feel like I've settled into something that might help me decide where I want to go. But then again???? I'm really slow??? It took me over the entire class period to figure out one single damn lab with thre... read more

What if I'm too stupid to learn to drive and I waste all this time and money?


In my case it has always been like this ever since high school, to college, and now, in med school!!!
I have this bad habit of joining organizations and not giving my all in fulfilling my responsibilities!!!
I always hide away from those who need me, making excuses as to not attend meetings, and the thought of it makes my heart beat so loud.
I hate this feeling, I hate this habit. Why can't I just accept what I came in for and do what I must... read more

I miss the animal class I used to have. We helped take care of other student's chickens, pigs, goats, and sheep by weighing them as well as checking their health. This one white pig really liked belly rubs so when we'd go down to the farm area he'd get a lot of love from me. He was really cool...

I was friends with this person who thought she could just blame all her problems on me! If she was supposed to communicate with her classmate and she didn't, she would remove all responsibility from herself and place it on my shoulders. She was already overworking herself but if we had to work on an assignment like putting an essay or poster together, she would take it upon herself to do the bulk of it and she SUCKS at writing and following directions so she would totally bot... read more

As someone who was and still is very anti-social, I can confidently say that my insecurities developed around middle school, when my family had just moved... yet again. Since I had no friends, I spent most lunches wandering around, or sitting down making paper games, both alone. Some passerbys would occasionally take action and try to befriend me, but I always felt that the gestures were not genuine and only made to make themselves look like a nicer person, even if that was f... read more

This was the worse class I took for spring semester math 125 was like hell for me I mean it was breaking point of not wanting to continue but I didn't have a choice because I wanna to get this outta of the way

i look down at you pathetic losers you aren't sh** compared to me hah just don't even try to hit on me i would never date any of you f*** off okay?

It is what it is you did what you needed to do you decided to copy my answers taking The test not realizing the professor gonna be suspicious about it I could stay mad at you forever but I dont want to however the professor gonna tell you to go back to your table that you are sitting at before you decided to sit at my table

i didn't realise how moving away from college affects your maturity until i came home for the summer

i feel bad about it, but some of the stuff my friends get all dramatic about is so stupid and i find myself kind of resenting them - they're still okay with leeching off their parents and spending all their money on drinks and clothes.

it's not even a jealousy thing, i only have a sh**y part-time job but i have restraint and therefore currently have about £2000 saved for e... read more

I'm a 16 year old who lives in the ghetto. I have good a** grades, doesn't do drugs, I do swim, tennis, and golf. my family is really poor and I don't even have a phone); someone plz donate to get myself a phone.

I keep seeing all these artists going "I'm self taught!" like it's anything special. Yeah, you and a few hundred thousands of others. I think most of us get it now, you don't need to get into an art institute to be great.

Let's eat grandma!
Let's eat, grandma!
makes a big difference!

Every f***ing time it happens. every f***ing PE class with my slutty whore of a teacher. it sounds mean but its truthful every f***ing class some dipshit thinks there funny and throws a ball at my head and laughs at me I'm a little fat kid and I'm always told that. I don't even want to live anymore i just want to kill myself

two weeks then back to school ha ha
I think I'm gonna do a countdown clock :)

God I'll be glad when aug. 7 rolls around