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Every summer I have recurring dreams about people and just school in general. It makes me nervous asf because I know that once school starts again I'm going to have to start all over, struggle with grades/work, and be lonely and miserable until I get back on track again. I honestly hate the feeling.

It's so lame lol I was reminiscing about school and then I thought about this one teacher who was really nice to me, taught me math which I was horrible at and he played the banjo and he was actually really good and now I'm just sad and crying because of him lol I don't know why, maybe I miss him or the memories I've had of him in that horrible school were like the only good things. He's probably dead now or really old, it's been 20 years.....

So I've just done my AS level's and I'm leaving after I get my results for this year. I originally signed up for 4 courses (Maths, Drama, Geography, and Film Studies.) I didn't achieve a B in my GCSE's in Maths so that was dropped instantly. For the rest of this year, I've done the other 3 courses quite well and I've tried my hardest as I would like to do an apprenticeship now. In my film, I had to make a short 2-3minute long movie of my choice in groups or pairs. I decided t... read more

lmao On the last day of school, which was Wednesday of last week, I got f***ing kicked off the school WiFi. I had my VPN on while looking for some Attack the Light torrents to download...when VPN turns off, a few seconds later, I'm booted off the wifi, unable to connect with the administrator contacted about me doing "High-risk activities". For the 1 and a half hours I had left in school, I just sat outside on a bench with nothing to do. Watching as my phone ... read more


what is the median number of: 5, 10, 10, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15

f*** im feeling uselessly anxious and have a tight feeling in my chest just because i said something slightly wrong in a group chat,, this group chat is regarding a school event im a part of.. i feel like nobody wants me there like at all. i remember friday when they were announcing who would be doing what job in the event and everyone clapped and wooed at everyone except me.. they literally all fell in silence until someone (probably the teacher) slowly began clapping.. i fe... read more

I keep missing 1 f***ing point on my lab. 1 f***ING POINT! Come on!

What path should I took?
This is the last time. I can't mess up again.

i hate how school puts a grade on ur head and defines what u are by it.

Ever since I was three,I have always had a passion for the arts. I wanted to become an artist or something that involved an art for the longest time. In high school, I would always draw in class. One time at a career fair, a college representative asked me what I wanted to do after college. I told her that I wanted a career in the arts. She chuckled and told me "Why not in something more practical?". I went home, feeling stupid for liking something that wasn't going to offer ... read more

i don't understand physics at all and i cant help but have a mental breakdown everytime we have a quiz/test... and guess what? I have a physics final tomorrow and I am so f***ing frustrated and sad I cannot put it into words. Am i that dumb to not f***ing understand a physics lesson? Why can't I just for once get a mark higher than a D or an E?

I feel so anxious that I am unable to finish my medical school application I have been working on for weeks. It's due in 3 days and 2 someones have been dying to read it for me but I haven't finished it yet and I can't bring myself to get the job done. Every time I open the documents, I realize how unprepared and unworthy I am. I feel like there is nothing special about me and I wish I could just be admitted on academic merit alone. The prospects of social interaction in the ... read more

Someone: Your problems aren't big
Me: yOUR pROblEMS ARen'T BiG.

Guys help what major is fun to be studied???!!!

I miss the times when it's fine for me to be quirky and weird.

Dear the person reading this,
My school year is ending in two days and I don't think it'sh** me yet or at least fully. Today I started feeling more sad, many of my friends aren't going to be coming to my school for next year and it makes me wonder. How will next year play out? One of the many people leaving will be one of my best friends, God I don't know how to feel. I've just relied on him for so much, not having him there's seems... wrong. I don't know what to do, what do... read more

Help me I don't have any motivation left to study!!!

I can't wait to be done with school so I can be out of people's faces in this environment. I don't think I'll go back to get my master's, especially when there are jobs that require less in my field. Less money will come out of my pocket as a result. Smaller debt bill I'll have to take care of each month, too. I love learning but I loathe the US education system; we're behind other developed nations because greedy people here want to try to make a business out of everything. ... read more

stop being depressed
stop being depressed
stop being depressed

Just curious, if you are in uni, what major do you guys take?