People on Muttr ( page 1 )

Why do white people say yous?

How's everybody's night going?

How dare you rape me with your eyes. I feel SO violated.

I bet you scare yourself every morning when you look in the mirror. I know it would scare me.

Man, I love making your life miserable.

I hate that you make me feel worthless. That everything I do is stupid, dumb, sloppy and meaningless. Im bigger than you. People that treat people like sh**, are sh**. You think your a big man, your not. You don't serve deserve me. You don't derserve anyone. I've actually prayed and cried for your death. That really freakin cold and desperate. That's how bad life is with you.

I wish I meant something more to you.

It must be nice to be you in your perfect little world where everything goes your way all the time.

Work today, OMFG. I hate people. The idiots I work with have no common sense at all. They need to be held by the hand. So bloody slow!!! 3 hours to do one mod you useless b****!!! Typical that my partner hadfive people in to help her in the morning and the jobs STILL weren't done. That's ok she is off for four days. She won't give a f***!! It'll be left for me tomorrow to deal with and the useless idiots on my team!! Wish I could clone myself. Sack them all.

Is anyone else addicted to anonymous sites like muttr and omegle? I feel like it's not healthy to post so much anon stuff idk i feel like I'm hiding from myself does anyone else have these feelings?

I don't trust anyone..

All right. Everyone? Let's go. Leave the site. Let this troll talk to himself forever.

Humanity is dead.

He is going to be on the news one day. "Serial Killer Running Rampant."

Because he is a f***ing waste of breath who would shoot a dying man for the hell of it.

It can work with him.

It worked with flowersindecember.

Let's drive this f***ing troll off Muttr.

Presumptuous people piss me off.

If you troll the suicidal, you WILL get someone killed someday.