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People on the internet can be so daft...#venting

This will probably offend some, but just hear me out. It's about racism and how white people are portrayed by society. Now, I'm not just saying this because I'm white, I'm saying this because it genuinely offends me. And I get that people of other races and ethnicities get offended about certain things as well. I think that society has forgotten that whites are people too and that they have feelings. And I'm sorry in advance if this offends or iterates you, I am. But here's t... read more

It's weird how you think it's okay to treat me like an infant just because I'm autistic..

How do i appeal to the different beauty standards in each country?

I feel a little too lucky. I am only 18 and just have all this stuff and live in the US which is an HDC, but i just feel so bad that there are countries in this world that are LDC's and there are kids in those countries that may never get anything close to the opportunities that i or anyone else that lives in an HDC, its just so unfair, i wish everyone else could be just as lucky but sadly, the possibility of that happening is so unlikely and i just dont even want to do any w... read more

I don't love you.
I'm tired of the abuse.
You drove me into resentment.

Do not beat around the bush with me
Do not test the waters around me
If you really care then grow some balls and PROVE IT

What is the point for ppl to add you on FB and forever pretend they don't know you afterwards? Seriously...even in real life, sometimes...just seems asinine...

Misophonia 101:


P, you are doing a good job at keeping the messaging to a restrained amount. Also, as recent interactions illustrate, you are right about the interactions seeming more enjoyable only because it is not f2f. Again, the chemistry is imagined.

@ the guy who wont clean his toilets
You're disgusting! Have fun getting Ecoli. There is a reason you keep your house clean.

To everyone who answers honest questions with insults:

You are why we cannot advance as a species. Please stay out of the gene pool.

It's funny how you guys say we women don't take care of our pussies but some of y'all muthaf***in men don't shave or cut your hair as well

Seriously- how should one deal with regret? I have so many from the last 5 years and they just eat away at my soul.

"I am an adult and a professional" yeah honey you have fun with that. nothing screams "professional" like having to draw fetish art of characters from a kids game to be able to afford rent.

I don't know why people like to say stupid sh** on social media. It's like showing off how ignorant they are. I hope they are aware though.

Irony: self-proclaimed "pro-life" anti-abortionist tells pro-choice person to kill themselves.

Uh, if you tell another person to kill themselves, you are not "pro-life".

I wrote out something really long and mean and ugly and rude and angry and then I just deleted it because I wasn't feeling mean and ugly and rude and angry anymore, at least enough to need to convey it to someone else.

anyone else get weirded out at how many trans boys call themselves like "baby boi" and sh**

wtf you're older than me im not calling you that sh** you creep stop infantilising yourself

Geez these ppl are so annoying, ffs