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WEIRD question. What kind of boy should I date? I'm just wondering so I can make sure I make the right decision.

WEIRD question but I want to make sure I made the right decision, what kind of couch should I get?

tall foreheads 🚫

You want to hear a crazy story? There's this heroin addict who goes to the ghetto to score. One day he goes over there with 200 dollars in his pocket looking to get enough for several blasts for the few next days.. He ends up getting robbed by some thugs. The next day he goes back to the same spot and deals with the same ppl looking for his next blast. Now that's when you know you have a problem.

You're smart, surprisingly funny and a truly good person. Too bad you have pets, we could've been more.

I promise that I'm never going to take a sip of that poison or smoke another cigarette. I'm just going to read my bible, train dogs, and do burpies.

Has anyone on here ever seen Purple goose scat?

If you have 75 dogs then you must be an excellent trainer. You would have to be to keep them in line.

Lets write a song. I'll start with a few verses. This is a country song

I remember the days
The days when I smelled your sweet perfume
But now your gone and I swear I'm dead
I miss you soooo much baby
You and you're pretty hair

Now add to it.

kill me please....

She isnt here and i think shes with someone else rn and its too much

You wanted a warm honey bun? I'm going to do better for you sweetie. I'm going to make you a hot funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch syrup on top.

Oh, alright! Hi there!

I guess I'll start with my life story. When I was born, my parents had no place to go. Nearly two years pass while being homeless, and I get a baby brother. He's a tiny little fellow. About three more years pass. I start going to school. We get an apartment, but it's nothing I'd dreamed. We didn't have what we wanted. I couldn't paint the walls, I couldn't play any games. I was stuck in a place, listening to other kids.

As a child, I learned to bite m... read more

3 more days of work then vacation! Finally! I need this.

I wish I could kill myself without hurting others.

My name is Cherry and I once weighed 410 lbs. I couldn't eat Oreos without getting winded. Now with a lot of vomiting and fasting I weigh 270 lbs. So always have hope .

Its funny, I bet I'm a huge laughing stock now. I am the person who ended up alot after my heart got broken. I dont even have friends, I do i just know they make fun of me and now i'm a burden to my family.

I'm the biggest dummmm dummmm

sometimes I wonder if people that write messages toward a specific person here get their message seen by them. like wow.

I miss you. I'm sucha dum dum.