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I have 2 room mates. We have a rule for doing our business. It's awkward when one is doing his business and the other 2 can hear noises and him panting so we decided we'll each take places and do our business at the same time. We fire up our phones then go to our respective area. We have 1 room and 1 goes there, the other is just outside of the room and the other in the toilet. I myself watch asian porn, the guy in the room likes hentai, and the one in the toilet likes erotic... read more

3 things i love:

Coffee, sex, and good a** books.

Feeling lonely is at least better than felling lonely in a group

Do you ever stare at your ceiling at night thinking "do I have a soul?" "What's life after death?" "What would it feel when I get on an accident and die while my insides are spilling out or my head gets cut off and see my own body lying down then eventually die?" "are we alone in the universe?" "Would we just disappear after death or do we have souls and ascend to heaven?"

So i was dating this girl and i asked her if she would break up with me if she knew my love was fake she said yes. So the next day i told her i was moving on. Idk if that was the right decision i still miss her alot and been feeling a bit lonely without her

f*** this site. People here are f***ing stupid.

What do I expect from people who constantly miss points?

I wish you would stop trying to brush off my problems and make yourself seem much more worse off. This isn't a contest for who's more miserable or worse off in life, all I ask is for a little comfort for when I'm the one hurting, not to feel worse than I started with. Knock it off already, it's a bad way to go about a relationship and you KNOW this.

I just got thrown away like a piece of trash. Now i'm venting to a website. I wish i knew where to find someone who feels the same way. Someone who knows without a doubt that there isnt a single person in the whole world who gives a f*** about them. I don't know, i guess i don't really care either way. I'm not losing sleep over this and i dont feel the need to try and be "happy". Does anything really matter? No matter what i do ill just die alone anyway, and no one will remem... read more

I know my frustrations aren't as horrible as others on muttr but seriously it frustrates me that it's so hard learning my own language than it is learning English, Japanese, Korean and Italian. Why is it so hard?? I live around this language like almost all the time yet when the words roll off my tongue I feel like I'm saying it wrong and I feel so awkward and funny and my boyfriend pressures me that I need to learn it so that I can speak with his family and I do really want ... read more

I'm having trouble concentrating on my reading because I keep thinking about sex. Ugh.

I was gonna make a truck joke

......but I can't afFORD the embarrassment if people don't get it. It would DRIVE me crazy

Things I didn't expect to do today:
1. Waltz with a cat
2. Trade said cat a toy bug for a tube of paint

get out,like really I need the night by myself

f*** you so bad everyone is so selfish I hate f***ing everything I hate everyone f*** everyone. With no f***ing emotions this world doesn't give a damn about anyone with themselves and what they look like why the f*** did u lie to me huh? Why did u make me go there another time if u we're going to f***ing ignore me I hate uiu

why the f*** do I ever speak to you???

I'm pretty sure I used to be another gem before Peridot, but I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out who? All I know is that I was in Blue's court and I sang a lot.

Or I have enough to order a burrito should I order a burrito from our local to go burritos or should I order a pineapple pepperoni pizza?

I don't usually share my PayPal sorry if that was annoying. I'm desperate.

I doubt anyone will respond to this but if you want to help feed me tonight you can donate to my paypal. It's haigingerpanda (at the gmail dot the com)