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What's your opinion on pans people? Oh god this is going to start a sh**storm.

I've been married for a little over 6 months and I am extremely unhappy. My husband entertains other females behind my back. This is mostly done on the internet. He'll tweet about women. And he gets on this chat on V.I.P spades and talks to this one girl who is his partner in the game. Like he takes the time to get to know her and stuff. He'll tell her goodmorning, goodnight, tell her she's pretty and all that stuff. He didn't even mentioned he was married. I found that out a... read more

I was so unimportant to you.

I just recently broke up with my boyfriend because he kept repeating the same mistake and never found it to be wrong. I truly love him, if I have to go back I will but only if he changes. I feel a little empty. No one to call up to gist for hours. I mean I have girlfriends but they don't just fill that void for me. I miss him and I just want someone to talk to.

Bada boom bada bing.....

Don't look for me anymore. I gave up.

Fry me a river....

Never forget HOLLYWEED

I hope my memory erases while I'm asleep and I forget you were ever even in my life.

I'm tired of feeling lonely but every time I meet someone I feel even more lonely and uneasy. I can't trust people anymore and I wish I didn't need anyone but I do. I need somebody so bad that I hate it.

You do whatever you want. I literally do not care anymore.

I'm feeling very distanced from my girlfriend lately. We never hang out any more, every time I ask her if she's free she's always doing something with her friends (most of which are guys which makes me a little uneasy sometimes) I don't know. I just don't feel like I'm getting back what I'm putting into the relationship. I feel like she doesn't have the same feelings for me as I do for her.

I broke my rules for you and now I'm finding out that you had somebody else. I hate myself for still giving a sh** about you. I'm trying to tell myself I deserve someone better than you and I do. I broke my rules for you. I knew your type but I thought you had proved me wrong. You didn't.

How can yoj miss something that you've never had

I can't see anything but you.

Because your head is big.


I'm not in love with you, but if I ever had the chance to find out if I could be. I'd take it in heartbeat.

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That's it. Your Choice do get drunk tonight decided how I will behave, I share with you and you shut down?

Ughhhh I'm freezing and I need a honey bun, cheetos, and a cookie. And

You got 20 minutes to come upstairs before I just sit here and don't move.