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You never cared about how i felt you only wanted me for the attention i gave. Did things without even thinking about how i felt

My gf irritates me. She won't even text me once a day to let me know she is alive and I get worried as hell because she has a tendency to pass out and isn't the healthiest person so it would be very nice if she could just let me know she's still up and going every now and then >_> but I digress. Its only a small issue because I don't even like talking to someone 24/7 I'd just like to know she is breathing.

I have a girlfriend yet when I see a beautiful girl I end up talking to her, being friends then eventually take her purity and they would become obsessed which will either end up with me getting hurt or humiliated in public. Although that's the case I still end up being friends with them again and also have my way whenever I want. I don't force them though. This happens a lot and I'm not really that handsome yet this happens. I always think they're out of my league yet I stil... read more

I get sh** on whenever I tell my boyfriend that everything isn't all Disney and f***ing fairy tales. He expects that from someone like me who gets pissed when someone tries to make the relationship perfect. He defines a perfect relationship from Instagram or whatever. If I don't cooperate, he would argue with me until I finally flip my sh**. I just don't think I'm the kind of girl who can be that if he wants someone to make the relationship some kind of classic romance movie.

My boyfriend loves w me. Yet constantly disrespects and stays on his Xbox in my room. I'm up right now because of this. My words mean nothing "I'm oding". I can't wait for his comfortable a** to have his money saved up to move tf on out

Where do i even thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend of a year and a half because im just now realizing that im a doormat that he's taken advantage of. He became obsessive with me and even said he'd prefer i didn't spend time with anyone but him. It even made him upset when i hugged my dad. If thats not enough, I considered myself a strong woman who could stand her ground enough to be respected but he constantly degraded me, not to mention never taking no for ... read more

I'm starting to miss one of my former friend, however, I highly doubt she's feels the same way. Here's a small story when I first met her I thought she was cool and unique from the other females back at my hometown. Over time she changed but I still see that she's growing up to the beautiful young woman she's becoming. I'm quite disappointed in myself for reasons I can't explain, I broken her trust and at the same time the promise I made to the grandmother. I've tried my best... read more

I made a promise not to cyber stalk you anymore, but g**d*** is it difficult

"Imagine me and you" is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen gosh I'm so in love with it

Hey guys, I think I'm in love with a girl who has a boyfriend. Her and I are good friends and all, I love it, but just a little too much. I'd hurt her feelings if I stopped being her friend. I feel like I have to distance myself and try to suffocate these feelings, but it'll hurt me and her if we stop talking. I don't know what to do, I don't want to hinder myself because of her. Please any advice will be appreciated.

i wonder if you even think about the way you hurt my feelings sometimes

My girlfriend went ape sh** when she saw me talking to another girl. I kind of chuckled because I knew it would get a response out of her.

.....I'm not a nice person


I know logically that the way I am feeling is ridiculous but I cannot help how I STILL feel. They look at me like I am some random sh**y hooker off the street. The girls you work with know you have a girlfriend. Where is the respect? I've tried to be nice and accept the fact that you like to hang out with the people you work with and I know you do not go to these work get togethers to hang out with these girls specifically but rather your guy friends but it still hurts knowi... read more

If you know I'm depressed, why would you be like the rest and just put more sh** on my shoulders? What a great boyfriend you are. Ugh.

I want to be a mom one day.
I love my boyfriend and I know I'm not perfect I know I've made my fair share of mistakes I really don't want to lose him I feel like I lost myself for him but I'm going to do everything in my power to earn his trust again and treasure him for who he is I won't expect from him anymore I'm not gonna suffocate him anymore I won't be that needy and clingy person anymore. I want to be better for myself and for him

Verbally abusive people are so frustrating to deal with.
It's hard to tell them they're wrong.
More like you CAN'T tell them they're wrong.
If you do, they'll find some way to turn it against you.
They can do anything they want and it's fine, but even if it's wrong, and you try to tell them it's wrong they turn it on you.
Suddenly you're in the wrong because of something they did that was bad.
But if you go and do the same thing they did, you're wrong and horrible and did som... read more

I f***ing hate you why did you have to take my FCKING virginity if you were f***ing with other girls why the f*** would you say you loved me if you didn't I was just starting to fall back in love with you but it broke me down inside when you just f***INF told me I can't make you c** in 2 minutes but girls can I'm sorry that I don't have the best f***ing body I'm sorry if I may not have the best body odor I'm sorry that I can't express my emotions to you I'm sorry that I can't... read more

I'm never going to fall in love. If it hasn't happened by now, it's never going to happen. I don't have anything to live for. I live my life without passion. I have a lot of other issues, but I find love on mind often. Maybe it just isn't for me. I'm in so much pain. I know my appearance is what makes me undateable. I've never been the cute flirty girl. I'm a fat tomboy that is just plain scary to guys. No one will ever love me. I'm scared of dying alone. Sorry this rant was ... read more

i'm 34, female, it's been 5 years since i have been in a relationship, i want love, marriage, and kids. recently, my best guy friend of 13 years, and i have decided to purse something romantic. he's a great guy inside and out. he's always' been supportive of me, in my corner, and he thinks the world of me. i love him as a person but i am just not physically attracted to him and i think we lack romantic chemistry. i am afraid i am going to throw away something real because of ... read more