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I want you too know if you leave then I'm going too literally have no one, so please don't 💙

i miss you more than you'll ever know

roses are red
violets are blue......

b*tch i'm shook
b*tch i'm woke
b*tch i'm threw

She says there's nothing going on. But my girlfriend has been spending more time with another male friend of hers that she's known for a long time. Back when we started dating, he was the first to openly disprove of me, so since then I never gave him the time of day. But lately, gf's been ignoring me while I talk to her and I can hear her typing furiously to someone else. And last time I saw her in person, she gave me the cold shoulder, but when this guy friend of hers shows ... read more

I feel so alone when I'm not with him, but nervous when I am. People say I can do better, but i'm just worse. My girl lives miles away and she is perfect, but my parents have been trying to keep us apart since the beginning of time. I love her, and I can't lose her. But part of me wants him. She's right, I'm just like my father

There are so many good things I can say about her. So many things I f***ing love about her. I honestly can't come up with anything bad to say about her. She's just perfect.

But why am I having second thoughts? It's not like there's anyone else or anything from stopping me from loving her. Maybe it's just the fear of loving her.

What if I don't actually love her? What if I'm just enduring all the talking and bonding just to get intimate with her?

I can't do that. I'm not that type of person.

I'm overthinking.

I wish I met you under different circumstances. I can tell you like me at least somewhat, but your so far out of my reach that it hurts. This is why I have to distance myself, everyday it seems like I'm just trying to grab your attention.

The usual response to a sad girlfriend is a hug, a gentle touch, any words at all. What's the point of sleeping next to someone who can't feel your vibe. Or sense that you feel broken.
Even if you don't find words, a cuddle, kiss or snuggle would help.
I'm just tired of having to go out of my way for affection when I'm sad.

I feel like we're not getting anywhere and it's frustrating. I love being around her. I love hanging out with her. It's been about 2 months and we hang out all the time, cuddling, watching movies and play-fighting until 4am. But nothing further. We haven't kissed yet, but that's all I want to do. I really like her and I know she feels the same way about me but it just feels like we're not getting any closer to eachother.

Was hoping to see you last night

I'm a bisexual girl but my parents would kick me out and my whole family would disown me if they ever found out but I just want to be myself #love

How is it possible to love someone you hate? How is it possible to still care about someone you betrayed you, in the worst way, who doesn't even feel bad about it. Who just made another whole life for themselves and left you in the dust in the shortest amount of time possible. How can my heart be broken and still try to be so nice.

I know you like me and I like you too. So why are you so shy?

i have a girlfriend that is long distance and we have been going out for almost a year and everything is going great, not sure if we will last a very long time or not but as of now everything is going great and it may in fact last, but there is a guy she always talks to and i am being a little b@tch but i just hate that she talks to him especially since she doesnt even know the dude in person, hes just someone she met online but she talks a lot with the dude and i just hate h... read more

I really thought you had my back no matter what. I sure had yours. But you gave up on me in the flick of a switch.

When I think about those summer nights.
Singing out the window, on the back roads, Sweet Child of Mine. Sipping on the local's spark of light. Ain't it funny how the best days of my life, was all that wasted time.

All that wasted time.

I'm running away from trust.

I AM CRUNCHY PEANUTBUTTER. I am so unsmooth. Why am i like this. Ugh. And aww man i dont know whats going on its like im in some void box and occasionally a shooting star passes by over head

My boyfriend and I might be breaking up. We both aren't in the best place mentally right now and he said that he's considered breaking up for a while. We were discussing the pros/cons of our relationship and he just said "I gotta go. Bye" and left, and won't reply to my messages. I have no idea what to do right now and I'm freaking out some, as he really is my first relationship