I have been homeless before, i don't want to experience that again. Nobody likes kids like me, everyone sees us the same way, i'm a 20 year old in a sh*t neighborhood who came from the street, so i must be a drug dealer, right ? Or maybe a junkie ? Why not a pitbull fight enthousiast mmm surely i love seeing two poor dogs locked in a cage ripping each other to shreds, oh yeah. Oh wait no, i'm definitely a prostitute. Did i mention i loooove burning cars ? Oh and that of course, i can't spell nor speak proper english ?

So yeah, sorry for not exactly being all that attractive to potential employers. Sorry for having an adress that makes people hang up on me and go "you're not supposed to have our number".
"You'll never succeed if you don't take your chances, quit your job, YOLO, go apply for the job of your dream, it's worth a shot." Yeah, nice words from daddy's boy who can go live with mommy if he's not hired right away. You're straight out of a private school, i'm yet another worthless delinquent.
I don't care how much you "believe in your dreams". Trust me, NOTHING is worth being on the street. It's no movie out there. This job doesn't pay much but it's all i have, whether my family likes it or not. I know i'm a shame, i've heard them say it. I wasn't born in the right place, oops, my bad.

I'm just there, applying everywhere possible, i apply online, I apply in person, i put flyers in mail boxes, I mean if i don't find something quick i will soon have to stop paying my internet bills and maybe sell some of my stuff, my laptop, my fan maybe, my skateboard is definitely worth some cash. i don't care what i have to do. I am NOT. going. back. out there.

Some thoughts straight out of the head of a "worthless delinquent".