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My heart is so heavy and I don't know why. Is it because of the show? Is it because of the boy? Is it because of stress from school, family? I feel like I could burst into tears anytime

So much stress right now, f***. I feel like I'm running out of breath, I want to hurt myself. But I can't, f***!!!!!

I'm trying so hard to get help, but no one will listen. Every time I tell anyone I'm depressed and need help, they just say, "No, you're not. Your therapist just wants you to think you are/you're too young to be depressed/you're being overdramatic." I've had three therapists help me with my depression, going onto my fourth. I don't know why no one will help me. I'm starting to think the person who said "If you reach out to get help, you'll receive it!" was just messing with m... read more

god i am so f*** I N G UGLY JESUS CHRIST
literally i feel so bad for people who have seen my face

i dont know what i am doing with my life anymore. i've lost friends more than i realize. my 4 month relationship is a roller coaster. i am stressed out to no extent and can't seem to get a break in the day to have some down time. everytime i think i am doing something right and helping someone out it all seems to fall apart and come back on me and make me look like an idiot or something. i have talked friends out of some very dark and bad thoughts and you know how they repaid... read more

i wanna choke and squeeze my roommate's stupid ugly lazy disgusting pet until it pops and dies

May just throw myself into an even more difficult situation because i am just a f***ing idiot. Hey hey why not. Im about living that life.

I think I finally found the sext buddy I have been looking for!! He turns me on so much is amazing even me. He is also my type and my age, which is amazing considering most guys that like me are older. There is just something about him that drives me crazy sexually and it shocks me really.

Man, i am so g**d*** sick of sad and alone. f*** imma do some f***ing hobby work. So sick of people trying to order me around because they think i dont listen or dont care. I feel happy at work and i've just rediscoverd one of my favourite places. I will not let you sad f***s drag me down. Everyone has a bad day and its selfishness that makes you forget that. So please continue telling me about your thoughts, your sh**y day and hell yeah take out allittle passive agression o... read more

There are a lot of guys that are getting crushes on me in real life and online. To be honest, it is really overwhelming for me. I am used to not being noticed and for guys not taking an interest in me. But now that I am older and in college guys just seem to be shocked by me, but not actually hit on me if that makes sense. My problem is that I feel like I have to many choices now and the guys I like things still do not work out. I guess I am still shocked because while I do n... read more

I know that wanting sex and being horny is normal, but I cannot help but feel guilty about it. I have been WAY MORE perverted and horny this semester and it is becoming really hard to control. For a while, it was hard for me to think about anything else even though I am a virgin. That is another thing I am worried about. I know a lot of people think it is silly, but I wanted to save myself for marriage. Now I am not so sure I can handle that. I looked up pron a few days ago a... read more

There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, ... read more

You were a total a**h*** , and therefore you got what you deserved.

I am pregnant and frustrated

Me personally:
As a female, if you cant cut your hair and still think you're pretty then you dont really think you are pretty. You think youre hair is pretty.

I heard a girl complain that she thinks shes beautiful but if she cut her hair shed be ugly.

Love yourself no matter what.

Why am I alone?

Social anxiety has kept me back so much in life. I should be experiencing the greatest years of my life, the time that I should be finding a partner, settling down, having a great social life. But instead of that I wound up pushing everyone close to me away. I'm so lonely and I feel like crying all the time. Leaving the house, going to work, talking to people is too much pressure. I can't take it. What am I doing wrong? Even if I don't purposely push people away, they never s... read more

What's even the point of staying sober. I worked my a** off for 4 months thinking I'd have something to show for it. Sure I'm generally a little happier but lately it's constant cravings and a bunch of awful depresssing sh** going on. My best friends dad is in the hospital again with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (she's 15 and so am I), my crack head dad is a lying piece of sh** making promises he doesn't keep, all of my honors and AP classes are ridiculously hard cause test seas... read more

Dear people that think there are more than two genders,
Shut the f*** up, go the f*** away, and get the f*** out of this planet.

Never worried about female . You can hate me all you want it ain't gone get to me