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I hate feeling trapped in my own anxiety and i hate how no one is able to help me. I have had enouģh of counsellors' bulls***, nobody actually listens. I feel trapped, as if it were a plastic wall between people and me, and I am suffocating. Anxiety makes me unable to enjoy food and I often cannot breathe. I keep everything inside because as soon as I try to vent in my family, my mother gets even crazier than I feel and it all becomes about her. My father does not know what ... read more

I'm the kind of guy who can't stand the holidays.
So, I drink them all away.
That's me.

Dealing dealing with the emotional aftermath of our departure from one another. These are deep feelings , tough to face but they are feelings that are shaping me. I realize now that I was holding myself back with you and that I stopped feeling adequate and cool enough to be your friend a long time ago but I'm dealing with these feelings, I am coping and healing. I will heal from this. I will be better. I'm already a new me without you.

I am free of you. Look at God and the universe at play and how the stars are watching over me. So many opportunities are presenting themselves to me now that I do not have the blockage that is you, hindering me from receiving such blessings because of your negativity and perhaps jealousy. Look what happened? So thankful. thank you so much spirit guides and angels for helping me to see an energy drainer for what she was. Thank you for equipping me with the necessary braveness ... read more

Is it just me, or were death threats considered cool back in the 90s???

I just want to be happy and not worry about anything.

Ugh come on im better than this. Why cant i just not relapse. Fewk im going to regret this. Aaaaahhshdjjdjfhejidj

I wonder what would happen if i just sliced my neck right then and here.
What would happen?
Would people feel?
But i dont talk to anyone?
supposed to have a therapist but we cant afford one. Well my parents could but they have their own lives to live and my sister has anxiety and is smart so they need to help her out. I'll get to school tho. I have a job. I should probs get a second but idk. If i study now then i can maybe get a scholarship. But i also need good attendance be... read more

Oopsie im a bleeding mess. Ah well. This see i love alcohol because its great for just every kind of pain you can get

Great now ive relapesd onto my alcoholic ways. Fml. But im so sad for so long.

Realizing how much you changed in the past year and the only other peron to notice is your own mother, cause your friends suck at reading you…


My aunt died from cancer.
Even though I see the weight of death and how it effects everyone around me.
I still can't help but feel suicidal.
Shouldn't I be thankful for my health and a beating heart in my chest?

Will i die from spray painting in a poorly ventilated area?

Depression is like cyrogenic freezing your mind

Did anyone else struggle as a kid? Did you stuggle as a kid and believed everyone lived the way you did? I lived with a single parent who had zero time to raise my twin brother and I. I remember as a 7 year how normal it was to see the house in shambles. I remember there were piles of trash eveywhere and the smell of garage still hauntes me to this day. I remember living off of bread and mustard for days maybe even weeks. The worst one of all, was the bugs. The flys would swa... read more

I hide behind a mask of sarcasm. It is my shield.

I'm tired of being lonely.

North Korea vows to wipe out US with '5 million nuclear bombs'
North Korea said it will react with 'slight provocation'
26 April 2017 - 15:41 EDT

Hey. I just don't want to be alone. Message me back maybe. We can listen to beach house and drive around.