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People on the internet can be so daft...#venting

I hate feeling trapped in my own anxiety and i hate how no one is able to help me. I have had enouģh of counsellors' bulls***, nobody actually listens. I feel trapped, as if it were a plastic wall between people and me, and I am suffocating. Anxiety makes me unable to enjoy food and I often cannot breathe. I keep everything inside because as soon as I try to vent in my family, my mother gets even crazier than I feel and it all becomes about her. My father does not know what ... read more

I want you too know if you leave then I'm going too literally have no one, so please don't 💙

I'm the kind of guy who can't stand the holidays.
So, I drink them all away.
That's me.

I hate having to show my self-worth in order to get attention from anybody.

I hate how my mother always picks out the worst bits about me and just flames me about it. When I'm actually very good in my grade and I have a pretty good chance for a Highschool scholarship.

I wish I could change schools. I miss my old friends.

i miss you more than you'll ever know

that dummy better use a condom lol i ain't changing diapers for him

Dealing dealing with the emotional aftermath of our departure from one another. These are deep feelings , tough to face but they are feelings that are shaping me. I realize now that I was holding myself back with you and that I stopped feeling adequate and cool enough to be your friend a long time ago but I'm dealing with these feelings, I am coping and healing. I will heal from this. I will be better. I'm already a new me without you.

Do you really want it??

I am free of you. Look at God and the universe at play and how the stars are watching over me. So many opportunities are presenting themselves to me now that I do not have the blockage that is you, hindering me from receiving such blessings because of your negativity and perhaps jealousy. Look what happened? So thankful. thank you so much spirit guides and angels for helping me to see an energy drainer for what she was. Thank you for equipping me with the necessary braveness ... read more

Is it just me, or were death threats considered cool back in the 90s???

It's crazy how crazy dreams are. Like literally it's the image of your imagination.

easy like stealing candy from your 17 yo brother. wait that's not easy i've had to wait until midnight oh well who needs sleep when there's sugar

roses are red
violets are blue......

b*tch i'm shook
b*tch i'm woke
b*tch i'm threw

I just want to be happy and not worry about anything.

I wish FF tactics had an online game. ):

Ugh come on im better than this. Why cant i just not relapse. Fewk im going to regret this. Aaaaahhshdjjdjfhejidj

She says there's nothing going on. But my girlfriend has been spending more time with another male friend of hers that she's known for a long time. Back when we started dating, he was the first to openly disprove of me, so since then I never gave him the time of day. But lately, gf's been ignoring me while I talk to her and I can hear her typing furiously to someone else. And last time I saw her in person, she gave me the cold shoulder, but when this guy friend of hers shows ... read more