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moving on. leaving all you f***ers behind and cutting you out of my life. has been so beneficial. f***ing toxic c***s.

cute guy: *looks my way*

*me in my head*: okay well obviously he wants to marry me what should i do?? should i make the first move or is that a little too risky??

learn to love yourself before you love another, that sh** will kill you

you remember that other night in my bedroom? we were on top of my bed and i still remember the things that you said. Sometimes i forget and sometimes you need to put me in check.

I love you

So this was just kind of funny to me i guess. So i'm pretty sure some of you knew this game of Minecraft.

So back in 2013, I was telling online "friends" that i was born in raised in TN. The very next day they were saying they hated me and i called him "dicks" and this one guy said back "go back to your barn you country redneck hillbilly nig-" and i just sat there like "oH. WoOw. This boy is REALLY mad."

I have 2 room mates. We have a rule for doing our business. It's awkward when one is doing his business and the other 2 can hear noises and him panting so we decided we'll each take places and do our business at the same time. We fire up our phones then go to our respective area. We have 1 room and 1 goes there, the other is just outside of the room and the other in the toilet. I myself watch asian porn, the guy in the room likes hentai, and the one in the toilet likes erotic... read more

f*** your dysfunctional family and your ugly mum.

3 things i love:

Coffee, sex, and good a** books.

Let those sh** c***s ruin their lives. Keep smoking meth.

Sociopaths are not good for your health.

I feel mentally exhausted. I dreamt of all the things that still need sorting out and I want to get them done but I'm at work. If I didn't have to record what my hours were spent doing then I would be sorting through my to-do list. The thing is, I'm not even busy at work since I've dealt with all my clients so far.

Narcissistic sociopath. You're the lowest of the low. Absolute scum. I would trust a hooker more than I would trust you. No wonder your relationship with your family is all broken. You're a toxic human being. I can't wait to hear how you've ruined your life or ruined all your relationships. You're absolute scum. I feel so bad for your girlfriend. She looks like she aged 5-10 years because of you.

Feeling lonely is at least better than felling lonely in a group

Do you ever stare at your ceiling at night thinking "do I have a soul?" "What's life after death?" "What would it feel when I get on an accident and die while my insides are spilling out or my head gets cut off and see my own body lying down then eventually die?" "are we alone in the universe?" "Would we just disappear after death or do we have souls and ascend to heaven?"

So i was dating this girl and i asked her if she would break up with me if she knew my love was fake she said yes. So the next day i told her i was moving on. Idk if that was the right decision i still miss her alot and been feeling a bit lonely without her

f*** you, psychopath scum. It's no wonder all your relationships have failed and gone to sh**. You'll probably die alone. You have no real friends. Not even your own mother can love something like you. Completely dysfunctional family. I don't even care anymore. I don't think anyone can like or love something like you. You are poison. You ruin the lives of everyone you come close to. You are a truly broken human being.

You never cared about how i felt you only wanted me for the attention i gave. Did things without even thinking about how i felt

My gf irritates me. She won't even text me once a day to let me know she is alive and I get worried as hell because she has a tendency to pass out and isn't the healthiest person so it would be very nice if she could just let me know she's still up and going every now and then >_> but I digress. Its only a small issue because I don't even like talking to someone 24/7 I'd just like to know she is breathing.

More so it was a product of what happened to me as a kid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I came from a family of entrepreneurs and thinkers, but I was cursed with an ugly face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯