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I think my pinky finger is sprained

Since I'm already here browsing muttr, I might as well ask if anyone knows what these bumps might be on my thigh, I've never had bumps like this on any part of my body before except maybe my face, it's almost like acne, but like, wtf?? How would I get that sh!t on my thigh like this?

I need to eat for my health but the newly-diagnosed food allergy I have just makes it hard to find food. I really don't care for food's just something to make my stomach stop.

I haven't pooped in a long time, the next one's gonna be a doozy

okay this is totally anonymous so this is gonna be weird. i poop while i'm either drunk or high i don't like pooping sober idk why

I am a 26 year old woman. Today I found out I may have a bone disease as a result of being overweight even though I'm barely 200 lbs. I don't think I have hated myself more. All of the confidence and self-esteem I built over the last 5 years completely broke today. I did this to myself.

When you forget to take antidepressants and still feel okay .... Is this real or am I dreaming?

I have breast cancer, I need a man or someone to lick and suck my t*** and squeeze them so my cancer goes away scott free.

Sessions is at it again and if you have a medical marijuana card he will be rolling up
to your door and arresting you starting next month, so light em if you got'em

My tooth didn't hurt before I went to the dentist.
Now my gums and jaw hurts like sh**.

God I have never seen so many hypochondriacs in my life ;)-


I remeber touching my father's penis as a child and I don't really want to know what that means. The things is I love him so how is it possible that he might have done something to me as a child. The things is I don't remember him forcing me to touch it, so I might have just don't it by accident( like when you do something as a child because you dont understand why it's wrong). The worst is thats all I remember so I don't know if I was really molested or not l, someone please... read more

my g**d*** pride won't allow me to be pitied by anyone.It's a rare thing but,when I do get hurt, I push everyone the away from me.But if i'm completely honest with myself,that is slowly eating me up on the inside.

I woke up unable to breathe this morning,, spent a lot of time in the hospital treating my asthma. now I'm home and my husband is being so mean to me,, he thinks I couldn't breathe on purpose he sprayed air freshener in my face and knowing my dr told me to stay out of the heat. he pushed me outside and locked the door. I'm just sitting in the back yard nothing but sun hoping he'll open the door I'm so weak cant stop coughing and its getting harder for me to breathe again

Trying to count calories but lately my app just says I'm not eating enough so it won't tell me how much weight I can lose and I'm so annoyed.

You ever smell your funk through your clothes?

So I ended up pussying out last night. I couldn't see straight after having enough booze so I just slept where I was at. I hate myself more. I wish I could've just ended it last night and been gone forever instead of waking up in this sh**hole

I shouldn't have ate nothing spicy now I'm hurting 🙄Ugh idk why I did that dumb sh**

I'm about 80LBS over weight and I express to my friends and family all the time that all I want is to lose 20...maybe 30 pouds. I know it would boost my self confidence but it's hard to get on the right track when all those I care about just shove junk in my face or that line /'You're beautiful the way you are.'/
Who gives a sh** if I am beautiful now. My health is on the line and all you people are doing is encutaging bad behaviors. You all know I have no self control over e... read more