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so im a horny person not sure why, not sure if its because of my ex's or just who i am.
school didnt teach us much about HIV or anything really if they did its like they were confused themselves and just said "go to these websites"

anyways, because of me touching myself i think i gave myself hiv or something. i dont have symptons of AIDS but mostly hiv.
I get itchy once in awhile i feel tiny bumps down there whenever i please myself. i feel them freak out and stop now and i ... read more

Honestly substance abuse is the only way i function nurmally

That moment when you realize just how depressed you have become over the years through past music # delayed reaction

I hate my food allergy. I really miss all bread items and baked goods, god to i miss fresh made pastries. It's probably for the better I'm allergic because it forces me to eat healthy but still I don't have a say in the matter. I hope those who CAN eat gluten foods enjoy it.

I am a father of one, husband for 5 years, 27 years old and I have undiagnosed illness which causes neuropathy, muscle weakness, balance problems, chronic exhaustion, chronic pain, etc. (Just to name a few of the major symptoms). I was working full-time as a store manager when my health declined in OCT of 2014 and I haven't returned to the work force yet.

Now that you know where I'm coming from here's what I've come to vent.

I hate my life, what it's become and turned into ... read more

why would you ask if i'm vegan, and when i say "yes" complain that vegans shove veganism down your throats??? im so confused, you literally asked and i answered, bruh.

meat-eaters are sensitive af just mind ya own business pls

IMPORTANT NEWS TELL EVERYONE YOU LOVE DON'T TAKE FOLIC ACID!!!!!! Seriously it's been proven from several studies that it causes seriously worse thinking conditions. And that's not all. Folic acid as you may know is a man-made substance, and was then put into nearly every single processed food. And guess what? Ever since then, autism rates have gone up incredibly. Studies strongly suggest that taking folic acid during pregnancy can cause some serious mental birth defects. Ins... read more

I had this weird habit of removing my whole nail in each of my fingers when I was 3 years old. I felt no pain. I remember having my nails growing very weird and I've had this blanket with bits of blood maybe because of my nail-less fingers. I don't bite at it, I remove it by hand. I know, it's very weird, I can't even explain it myself. Can someone help me as to why I did this? I tried to google it but nothing is coming up. It's kind of bothering now that i think of it. Thank... read more

Mylan’s epic EpiPen price hike wasn’t about greed—it’s worse.

With higher prices, Mylan allegedly dangled deep discounts—if buyers excluded rival.

If that isn't greed, then what is it?

Why do I always feel like sh**?
My life is not bad. Never knew my mom since she didn't give a sh** about me so my dad left her and took me with him. My dad's the best. I have good friends, online and offline. I have an artistic hobby. My dog loves me. My family loves me.

Why do I always feel so tired of being around? Others have so much more reason to feel like this. People have abusive parents, abusive siblings, etc. They're confused about their sexuality, or are being pres... read more

i hate seeing my dog in pain..she's old and from what we have seen has cancer... and has a tumor that has grow on her stomach's underside and has split open. she barely eats her normal dog food and barely drinks water. i decided to try to ease her pain by giving her some aspirin with bread and got her to eat it. then gave her another piece with peanut butter on it to give her some protein. i tried to give her some water but she wouldn't touch it so i gave her left over coffee... read more

Not to complain; hence the irony, it's a weight off my spine to announce that my back pain gives me intense nausea.

I'm going for a run tomorrow. Hopefully the first of many.
What do I want to gain?
Healthier body
Time away from my room/computer
Bonding with the world/people around me
That "need" to be active and doing something like when I was a kid

I want out of this lethargy, procrastination and mindless-entertainment-taking-all-my-free-time rut.
I want to gain control of my body and mind again.... Wish me luck.

Man, my right ear has been bugging me for 5 hours now! Grr.. So after taking a nap today I poured ethyl alcohol onto a Q-tip. Yes I know doctors say you should not do that. But after a few minutes of trying to find the source of the itch, I finally managed to pull out that small flake of ear wax that was responsible for driving me crazy. Ahh... That was a bit satisfying....

Why do I look up suicide methods even during times when I'm not suicidal? It's like my brain is constantly trying to destroy me. I'm thankfully not suicidal right now, but I was last week and I probably will be again within the next month or so. It's as if my brain is trying to help me speed up the process because if I already know what to do and how to do it, I can get end it quicker once I inevitably feel suicidal again. No one knows that I feel this way because I keep tryi... read more

lol just mentioned some sucidal thoughts to a friend and it got awkward really fast and now I just look crazy.

So i went to visit a friend the other day and their house was dirty. Im not talking about a few dishes here and there, and just generally untidy as your house can get. Im talking about her toilet was absolutely disgusting - a public toilet would be cleaner than this toilet! The bowl had poo caked on it and there was poo caked on under the seat!
The kitchen floor was dirty, it looked as though it hadn't been swept or mopped in months. There were about 10 flies hanging around t... read more

I had this weird habit of removing my whole nail when I was 3 years old. I remember my nails growing very weird and I've had this blanket with bits of blood maybe because of my fingers. I don't bite at it, I remove it by hand. I know it's very weird. I can't even explain it myself. Can someone help me as to why I did this?

Is it normal to get a headache after crying? And I don't mean crying for hours, just a few tears?
And also, it it normal for the tears to feel like they're burning your face?

I honestly want to eat a rose right now.