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So this was just kind of funny to me i guess. So i'm pretty sure some of you knew this game of Minecraft.

So back in 2013, I was telling online "friends" that i was born in raised in TN. The very next day they were saying they hated me and i called him "dicks" and this one guy said back "go back to your barn you country redneck hillbilly nig-" and i just sat there like "oH. WoOw. This boy is REALLY mad."

f*** your dysfunctional family and your ugly mum.

Let those sh** c***s ruin their lives. Keep smoking meth.

Sociopaths are not good for your health.

Narcissistic sociopath. You're the lowest of the low. Absolute scum. I would trust a hooker more than I would trust you. No wonder your relationship with your family is all broken. You're a toxic human being. I can't wait to hear how you've ruined your life or ruined all your relationships. You're absolute scum. I feel so bad for your girlfriend. She looks like she aged 5-10 years because of you.

f*** you, psychopath scum. It's no wonder all your relationships have failed and gone to sh**. You'll probably die alone. You have no real friends. Not even your own mother can love something like you. Completely dysfunctional family. I don't even care anymore. I don't think anyone can like or love something like you. You are poison. You ruin the lives of everyone you come close to. You are a truly broken human being.

I always ask you how you are and tell you that I care. I never here any of that from you, is that real friendship? NO.

I gotta stop prioritizing people who don't prioritize me but I'm so lonely I'll end up taking the bad friends just to say I have some.

I'm so happy I have such a beautiful friend. But it hurts me to know there's another man laying by your side every night. 😭😭😭 I need to forget about you soon, it's the best for me. I never want to talk to you for the "last time". God damnnn, why do I have to fall for every cute girl that shows me attention? Why can't guys and girls just be friend?

I'm glad we're good friends and I know we will be forever. I'm sorry, but soon I'm going to have to grip reality because I know I'll never be able to show you how much I could really love you. You're an amazing friend and bring me so much happiness, it's just tough because I think I love you and I wish I get a chance to find out.

my friend and i had been friends for 10 years, he rarely went to school and developed some form of agoraphobia, he doesnt feel comfortable outside his home, when i invite him over he doesnt want to do anything, and always goes home after 3 or 4 hours of chatting. ive gone to college and met more friends from various backgrounds, and when i hang out with him it feels sad, he never wants to do anything and seems uncomfortable around me. i wish things could go back to when we lo... read more

Told you I'm trapped
He tries to blame me for him wanting to kill himself
Not my fault his previous life events caused this

I had a sexual relationship with a guy for a year before he discretely fingered me in a club for 10 seconds while we were both heavily intoxicated. My "friend" brings this up in bad mixed company, like parents family and friends, but when i fire back with "at least i know the guy that fingered me in a bar" im a bad friend for outing her business

I have no life. When I'm not spending time with my son or working I'm sitting alone at home being bored. I need more friends smh

So I was best friends with this one girl-- well... she was trans. But still. I was best friends with her for awhile. we had our moments like skipping school to go to Chick-fil-A and eat there. We'd get caught by teachers and we would run and all that sh**. Hell, we even fell in love with each other at one point.

But now she's the worst f***ing person i ever met. (insert "wow... that escalated quickly" scene)

But recently she ended up talking sh** about me and even replacing... read more

Now I'm all of a suddenly an a**h*** for not wanting to be friends with the girl who purposely ignored me and rolled her eyes at me every time I talked. What really great friends I have hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha f*** off

Just woke up from a terrifying dream. I dreamed I went back to my old college and I was trying to see my best friend and I told one other person that I knew her that I was trying to slide my dick inside her p****. I don't think I have feelings for her but I think that was my warning sign

I don't have friends. Why should I care about anything?

Couldn't answer a simple f***ing question? g**d*** your f***ed up.

How do you expect me to want to be friends with you when before you ignored me, rolled your eyes every time talked and barely even tried to have a conversation with me but all of a sudden when you're hanging out with people who I know, you suddenly want to be friends???????? Wtf.