Friends on Muttr ( page 1 )

I loved it when we would just text eachother when we were bored. g**d*** I going to miss that.

When I first got to know you. You told me you didn't have any friends, so at first I played to be that friend. Turns out, you were the friend I needed. Now that we are drifting, I cannot stop thinking about this. I want to tell you, but unfortunately you lost interest and I'm afraid to find out how little you care anymore.

I guess we're even in your eyes

Everytime I see your name, it hurts.

I wonder if you have thought about the good times we've had other than a few rough days. Felt so pathetic for it. All my fault. It just hurts to much trying to reach out to you knowing you won't answer :(


god I'm so lonely, and so clingy. i hate that my current best friend wont respond to my messages and its actually making me anxious. I really don't want them to just stop being my friend, like aaaaaall of my other friends. I know that they'll come back, I know they're just busy, or they're internet isn't working, but I'm just too needy and I hate it.

You made a really bad fool of yourself at the bar. I was embarrassed for you. I almost can't believe I let you behave that way and talked to you reasonably about the garbage you were saying. You have a really serious attitude problem. No one is obligated to have sex with you because you bought them a drink. Get over yourself.

Found this site because of you. Now your gone so I'm leaving too.

It's for the best really. Just wasn't ready at the time.

I meet my online friend of 5yrs in less than 2months! I'm so excited, but extremely nervous they'll hate the way I look!

If your neuroticism didn't kill it your taste in music sure did. Boy bye. 🙅🏾

I'm actually really jealous that all my friends can hang out except for me. I just feel really alone right now but its not their fault.

I had a dream last night, a very vivid one, that I sat down in front of my computer and told my friend how I really felt. I said the things that are most deeply on my mind about my life and my relationship with him. I woke up, terrified that I'd actually sent the message (because of how vivid the dream was) and was relieved to see that it was, after all, just a dream.

If I said those things to him, he'd never talk to me again.

I should've known that though I'm nothing special to you and you don't care. Why not? Aren't I good to you

If you leave me i just don't know what I would do i just really can't stand the thought of losing you

Why can't you just be mines

You say I helped you love yourself. All I ever did was try to make you smile. You're way to nice to me, I don't deserve the compliments you give me, I don't even deserve to be called your best friend. So why do you call me your bestie? You'll realize once the Summer ends that I am not truly as good of a friend as you think i am...

You're truly a beautiful person. I'm sorry I created a problem between us. I tried to fix it, but it didn't take. I just know you're going to do great in life with or without me. I loved you so much, but it's finally setting in that I lost you.

I have nothing else left.