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I hate having to show my self-worth in order to get attention from anybody.

that dummy better use a condom lol i ain't changing diapers for him

okay so i know this isn't the most awful thing in the world but it's bothering me and i don't know who to tell or who to talk to about it... So, anyway, i really like my best friend (who hasn't at least once liked there best friend before?) well this is different... he's two years older then me... and sometimes i feel like he likes me too but then i hear about these other girls and i dont know. he's honest and sweet, he would never lie to me, and i know that it sounds like th... read more

People say they value honesty. They say I'm too mysterious. Than why is it that when I let you in on any part of what is actually going on in my brain, you suddenly disappear. It happens every. damn. time.

I thought you were my friends. I thought that you would be there when I was in trouble. I thought you would save me, pull me away from the ledge. Like I would do for you. If you called me at 3am and told me you wanted me to sit with you because you were sad, I would be there 10 minutes later with chocolate in hand. I called you at 3pm, because I was on the edge (literally) of comiting suicide, and so I thought maybe you could help. I wanted to save myself for you. Instead, it... read more

I have a friend who is always being a b**** to me but at the same time she's really cool but just a dipshit to me and my other good friend the only thing she talks about is school and that's it even when we have sleepovers it's all about school and the one friend I was previously talking about never makes plans with me I'm always the one making them and I always feel like a seconed option to everyone in life like I'm never good enough to pretty enough Yano like everyone treat... read more

you're my best friend but i hate that you always manage to pressure me into going on nights out, this time i'm gonna put on a g**d*** face mask and watch a movie

go get drunk on your own im tired

i thought you were a loyal friend but i guess i was wrong you said something the first time and i asked u about it and u denied ever saying it but once hearing it a second time knowing it was the truth just makes me furious i hate you, and all ive ever been to you was a good friend well guess what u didnt lose just one friend or two but 3 so in the words of all of us f*** you...

I hope you text me first for once, you used to. Damn it's pathetic how much I want to talk to you.

So I have this friend who I really care about. Btw I'm a girl. He has an abusive home life. He selfs harm. I guess I just need some advice. But like I'm confused on my feelings and all that. I mean here's the thing. I see his eyes, obviously, but I see something special in his eyes. In his soul. There's like this light inside him that he doesn't know about and he's hiding behind a mask which he also doesn't know about. He's hiding a lot of things from himself and i don't know... read more

ugh okay i don't even know how to say this. i honestly can't. okay so my friend was having like a small kinda party at her house and there was going to be all my friends i guess but i kinda had drama with a girl that was going there and that girl was best friends with the girl throwing the party. i fell like the girl i had drama with told her not to invite me. i fixed my drama with that girl so we are friends. anyways the girl throwing the party texted my best friend the invi... read more

I'm so happy! It's always the best feeling when you meet an old friend after so long and they haven't changed...much. She was much more confident, no longer that shy girl who hides behind books.I'm just so glad we found each other again.

I invited a friend of mines daughter to my daughters bday party she hasn't rsvped yet which deadline is in couple days, she constantly posts on Facebook though, even since then .I'm kinda pissed she hasn't responded I always respond to hers, is she a real friend ?I mailed her invite weeks ago. I'm kind of pissed off

Had to use my life experience to illustrate why you should let you s/o go if they "still have some growing up to do." Unfortunately the dude I had to do it for is 17 and looks up to my ex. "But my ex girlfriend was a silly little freshman. Your ex is a grown man. We could work it out!"
Mmmmkay bro. Mkay. My mom nick-named him Peter Pan and my best friend favors that nick name too but age has everything to do with maturity. Okay! Don't take my advice then. Get hurt the same wa... read more

Why is it my friends always end up copying my personality. Its problematic because i hate myself.

I'm so done trying to take care of everyone. :(

I block one of my oldest friends through FB because he got into a BS political argument with my Sis, then proceeded to gay bash her on a string of comments in public view on her page. I post on my page "that's effed up a very old friend would say those things about my sibling. Who attacks a best friend's sister for being queer just because you have an unrelated disagreement?!" Nothing hateful in my comment at all. Was just as I quoted above. Then I block him. Now he wants to ... read more

You can't help someone who doesn't want to he helped :(

I accidentally managed to piss off my friend,they're upset because their boyfriend is like my brother so I'd play with his hair and hug him,apparently that makes them jealous so now I'm not aloud to hug or touch his hair.
I know I'm probably just being over dramatic,but I can't help it,i feel like I messed up majorly....

Recently I've noticed a development in my friendship. And it's stressful.

So here's the thing. I've always had a rather serious side to my personality, although sometimes it can seem like I'm bipolar because there's a completely different side to me when I'm with people I'm comfortable with—one of my teachers who taught me for three years was surprised when she found out I was an introvert. My seriousness piqued when I was thirteen because I was really angsty and being you... read more