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Just got home with McDonald's. It's almost 11pm and I haven't eaten today and I am starving. I'm going to purge too.

I'm already planning my after weigh in Wednesday Weight Watchers binge meal. So good!

So everyone wants Chinese tonight?

The more I learn about food the more I learn that the food pyramid is misleading corporate bulls***, and "myplate" isn't much better.
Veggies, should be like more than half the damn plate, fruits and grains should make up whatever's left with the fruit section being slightly smaller. While most your calories should come from carbs, there are a TON of carbs in grains and fruit. It doesn't take a lot to do the job. Nix the "protein" section, vegetables actually have lots of goo... read more

So there's this Chinese restaurant in my new home town and it's really good but the only two employees are an elderly man and his wife. He cooks, she serves. And the old woman (who is very sweet but absent minded) can never remember your order. You literally never get what you asked for and then other customers act like you're a dick for sending the wrong food back. I asked for pork chow mein and a Coke. I got chicken fried rice and an orange soda. Apparently its local tradit... read more

Can someone please post the recipe for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? I'm confused.

Rice or noodles? Debate

So hungry but I am not gonna eat today no no no

Kinda want some spaghetti.

i've been trying to transition to veganism (hold your arguments because i don't really care lol), and obviously i don't expect my mum to buy me dairy-free stuff, so i offer her the money so she can get me my vegan milk etc. when she goes shopping.

except she flat-out refuses to take my money and pick up these items for me, so i've had to resort to cow milk etc. anyway

and when we have dinner she'll conveniently forget and make something covered in cheese or eggs every. nigh... read more

I let it cool down then I f***ed that burrito for all it was worth

She did what to a raw chicken? That's obscene!

She goin Put raw chicken in the microwave gotta study and how to make fried chicken

I put nutella in my hot chocolate. Best decision i've made in a while

I know I'm healthy, I know I'm too skinny for my own good. I excersise daily and go on 3 mile walks twice a day. But I feel terrible about my body. I'm even underweight for my age! I skip lunch and breakfast when I can. I wish I could be skinnier.... I don't want to starve myself but whoever I get the chance too I skip meals. Sometimes it's just breakfast and sometimes it's breakfast lunch and dinner. Advise?

Honestly i'm sitting in the bathroom right now constipated as f***. I've been here for 4 hours so this happens to be my MUTTR for today. How is everyone else?

I've been doing this a long time and I can accurately say Nigs don't tip

I wish books were edible, just in case.

Stupid americans
A true story
This elderly woman went to china on a vacation and took her stupid yapping dog with her.
She went into a restaurant and asked for a bowl of water for her dog, they took the dog away
and 30 minutes later brought it back fully cooked on a platter ha ha ha ha stupid americans!

Sitting here munching deep fried human tripe:)