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Family > everything.

This is what my teachers mustve felt. Disappointment. I keep trying to encourage her but she just wont do it.

She kept bitching I should try different mediums. Now Im trying semihard pastels. AND SHES STILL BITCHING. "OH YOU WANT CHALK NOW?? WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOU HAVING A HARD TIME WITH IT??" I WANT TO SHOOT YOU

I really try to listen to my family, I do. But between my Dad acting an obnoxious 5-year old who wants attention and validation and a mother deciding that she needs to confide in someone (me) about how she's generally unhappy with life and MUST have my complete UNDIVIDED attention while doing so–even if I'm busy doing something else–I just feel exhausted. #venting #justfamilystuff

If anyone wanted to know, my brother committed suicide three years ago. Today was his birthday. And I wanted to write about him anonymously because no one knows what he went through except me. He didn't even tell our parents or his own friends. No one knew except me....

Dear parents, please do us ALL a favor and STOP having kids! I didn't choose to be born with sh**y genetics. And I certainly didn't think yeah.....I choose to get therapy in my adulthood to concur all my unrealistic fears and "connection" issues. I am only saying this because your kids could never tell you this. No mom, I cant be there for my mooch sister, she has 99 problems and unfortunately I'm the b****. No dad, it seems that mom was right. If we both knew what you would... read more

I've never seen spouse abuse especially when it's the woman who's the abuser and the man is the victim but actually anything like that makes me uncomfortable now and I don't know what to do and I'm such a coward for not saying anything or standing up for the victim. And who would believe that the man is the victim and of all people, my own brother. And no one would believe him because he's a "man". Men don't "cry". Men are "strong". And like what everyone always says "he coul... read more

As expected, she gave up. Now she's going on about doing something she never did, doing her own script.
b**** we have 2 days to get our sh** together. So get it together!

Oh my god. It has begun. She's now giving me sh** for not being able to work in certain mediums and basically called me a bad artist for it.

Gee, cant wait to see how the rest of the night goes.

Gonna draw with my sister, last time was years ago because shes kinda of a b**** when it comes to art. She claims she'll try to get something done today. We'll see how it goes...

My brothers talk about me and hit me. My mom is so negative and my dad hates me. I live with my grandma and Im so depressed Im home schooled and no one likes me because im fat.

I want to f*** my aunt but at the same time I'm disgusted that I would even remotely have that kind of dirty thought

Oh, Dear sister-in-law, do you honestly think I don't know what you've said about me and to whom? You are pathetic, really you are. Your smear campaign against me did absolutely NOTHING. Sure, sure, maybe it helped your wretched parents hate me a little bit more, but clearly they didn't need much help in that department. Don't you see how toxic your own parents are? Don't you see what they've done to you? We all can see it, why can't YOU??

We move in a completely different c... read more

I realized the other day that I don't like my mother. I love her, sure. She always did her best for me, and I can't ask for anything else. But I don't like her and I realize that this is f***ed up.

I like how I'm all of a sudden the bad guy but I don't bring up the sh** y'all have done to me. I'm constantly being singled out by you guys and I don't even say anything, all I gotta do is stand there, not smiling and I'm suddenly being a lazy b****. Okayyy.

It's kinda hurtful when your cousin who you grew up with tells you that she doesn't want to go partying at all and that she's not that type of person but a few days later she's out with her other cousins at the club. I must really be that boring that she had to lie to me. Sad.

My dad thinks he's entitled to other people's money and when people don't give him money for "help" he takes it as a huge insult. Like our family is trying to give him options, places to stay, time to find a job, but he's taking it as them "pitying" him when he's been dogging them for f***ing money this whole time.

I have a b**** for a mother. She is never there for me. She couldn't care less even when I was dreadfully ill. She insulted me Infront of my friends. But she treats my bro's friends like they have dropped from heaven or something. She is a hypocritical misogynistic maniac who gets hyper for no reason whatsoever. She expects me to be more mature than my older brother. And she treats me like sh** and calls me names like ugly duckling which is quite hurting. I haven't spoken to ... read more

have the craziest plan and I want your unbiased thoughts on it. Ok so I'm a 21 year old female and I grew up in a really religious Muslim household. I love my religion and culture however, the problem is I'm gay. As you might know homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Islam. I've tried for many years to just suppress my feelings towards women. However, my age is typically when a Muslim girl would get married so you can imagine my parents constantly introducing me to guys. It... read more

All my sh**. Gone. Smashed to f***ing pieces all because my whore mother can't keep her f***ing anger in like a normal god damned human!! I'm a 17 year old guy and I bought ALL of my sh** that had been smashed. I can not f***ing stand this sh** anymore! I can't wait till I can move out, get my own sh**, my own car, my own place and not have to deal with family sh**! My father takes her side even though she cheated on him and divorced him and I just don't f***ing understand.