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I hate how my mother always picks out the worst bits about me and just flames me about it. When I'm actually very good in my grade and I have a pretty good chance for a Highschool scholarship.

easy like stealing candy from your 17 yo brother. wait that's not easy i've had to wait until midnight oh well who needs sleep when there's sugar

I can't help but feel like I need to cut again and again. My alcoholic father will never be resented by me, but I'll never be able to tell him that I want to bleed from my sleeves. He thinks I have always I would ever want, that I shouldn't have to release that pain. But I can't help it. The voices in my head repeat every time my parents have called me a disappointment, and the pain keeps it all away. I've been clean, but I'd much rather never be. I wish I could fall off the ... read more

my mother is horrible to me but I still feel bad for how much I resent her because shes my mother and I should be grateful that I have one. I don't know. I feel really heartles for not loving my mother even though she tells me she doesn't love me. I probably deserve it

How do I find a know a good man...if my dad wasn't the best man. I don't have any other good examples to line myself up against

Please, can my dad stop walking in on me while I'm half naked?
I know he's not doing intentionally, it's terrible timing, but my god is it mortifying.

My husband just punched a hole through a box like jeez chill man.

Hope I dont make you as mad as that box just made you like dang


My parents love each other sometimes, I guess. They have been fighting ALL WEEK!! it's annoying and stressful.

Why do you always say '' Stop having an attitude'' like okay ill stop having a f***in attitude when you stop walking through the door sh**y as f*** and taking everything out on me like I did something wrong. You can be mad but I cant? Well then screw you you f***ing a**h*** .


We've lived with my in-laws for as long as I've been with my husband (7years) . We moved out about a month ago and I am EXTREMELY happy. Problem is, my father in-law isn't. I've had issues with him since I've known him. He HATES me, I know this because my sister in-law and I are extremely close and she tells me things he says about me behind my back. My oooh my those things are horrible and I wonder how he manages to put up a front and act like all is magnificent! Ive confron... read more

**sings** Roast in hell, roast in hell, you're a stupid biotch, I hope you roast in hell. I love to see karma serve you well, so Ima smile and laugh because you'll roast in hell!

Getting real tired of hearing you two fight.

My mum was a raging alcoholic for about 2 decades and then managed to go T total for a year and a half, then drinking started creeping back into her life, now she's back at it again, hiding her stash, tripping up in public and bed ridden with a hell hangover.
This life sometimes literally makes my skin burn.

I am better no contact! My sisters are f***ing a**h*** ! Nasty twats, I can't post on social media cuz I'm paranoid because her damn husband hAcked my account! They are low lives scum who slander and verbally assault me any chance they can, they exclude me from events, ignore my kids even on their own birthdays, they texted nasty a** things, show no concern when my kids or I were seriously ill or hospitalized, they show up hours late when I go out of ur way to help them they ... read more

Everytime I do something for anyone, I dont really expect a reward. But when I do help people -repeatedly- they'd always come back crawling to me for help in any way. The thing is; I'm tired.

Im sick of having to constantly cater around your needs when you dont deserve a single ounce of my time. The fact that you keep overusing that privilege and still hurt me every single time is not okay. And when I try to g**d*** reason, you'd deny and say I would be the same when there's... read more

Honestly, stop lol. You can be in a bad mood and b**** at sad all you want. But don't come at me with that crap because I didn't do anything. Or if you are, whatever. But at least be consistent, don't me pissy at me and dad, then nice to my sister. It doesn't work like that. Then you wonder why I feel like there's favoritism.

My brother kicked me out about two months ago (My parents both passed away from natural causes) and I've been mostly on my own, staying with a friend from school and his mom (Yes I'm a girl staying with a boy, no nothing happens.) I have a car in MY name, 3 knives friends gave me, and a laptop that he's keeping from me. I could care less about the knives and laptop because those are easily replaceable but I need my car for a few reasons. I live in the middle of nowhere with n... read more

So, I got engaged 2 years ago, love her with all my heart. Upon getting engaged wedding plans began getting made and both our parents are old fashioned and decided to foot the bill, my parents agreed to paying for half of the hall. At the time all was good and everybody was happy, but some 9 months back my father had a botched surgery on his ankle and has not been able to return to work (indefinatly at this point). So now they are struggling to keep afloat let alone pay for a... read more

When my father reaches up to pat my face again, I want to hold up a pair of large hedge shears up to his hands and crunch his bones in his hands and snap off the bony knuckles and the rest of the fingers hanging off the bone. I am relieved my father is gonna die someday. Hopefully soon. Don't touch my face again.