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My stepdad just yelled at me for making his son cry. He's 9. He called me a piece of **** and when I said I didn't know what I did, he called me stupid. I recently moved to a new place and he said he would make me go back. Even though he and my mom tried for 3 YEARS. ( I was living with my grandfather ) Now, making him cry maybe a good reason for him to yell at me, but I didn't even know I made him cry until I texted my mom about it and she told me. I didn't mean to make him ... read more

f***ing little c***. you don't deserve this and you are such an ungrateful bastard thinking you are entitled to everything.

Dont you hate it when a life-long-stupid family member says their life is harder because they are a single parent. Was it hard before or after we stepped in and took you, your kid, your bills, and problems in? I am not saying I can't sympathize with your circumstances. But technically I am a single parent too, yet I can't afford to f*** up. Because it wouldn't just effect me. Everyone makes mistakes, and life happens. When are you going to take responsibility for your actions... read more

"just let her die,she's not useful to me anymore"
my dad ladies and gentleman,i'm 14 and suicidal btw...

I'm bigger than my best friend and she thinks shes too big and when we talk about it i say like dude if you don't think you're small then you must think I'm f***ing huge, she tells me she separates her image from other peoples image but at the end of the day i spent my head in a toilet bowl and it kills me inside that i love her so f***ing much when shes pretty much just a rich a**h***

After 15 years of hoping and crying, I think I finally realized it. Your never going to give up smoking, no matter how much i hope. I get it, it's an addiction, you can't help it, but I want you to be okay dad

You aren't obligated to keep in touch with family.

Tfw when you want to go to a psychiatrist but you dont have enough courage to talk about it to a family member. I kept procrastinating on it. Must talk soon. #mentalhealth #potato

My mom is a complete b****. I'm a young adult, going to college, and completely capable of my own damn choices! She insists on making the little time I have left at home HELL and then plays her stupid church music pretending to be a little steeple mouse and want me to go with her. There is NO WAY IN f*** that I am going to church with that old hussy.

It honestly bothers me that my sister hangs with the wrong crowd. She’s 18 mind you, she’s not of age to legally drink, and getting drunk with her friends, doesn’t come home most nights and doesn’t have the audacity to tell our mom where she is, and buying weed which is illegal where I live. She talks behind these friends backs to me especially about one particular girl but she’ll turn around and say that they’re besties. She rants to me all the time about how her... read more

Please cut yourself and f***ing die from my edges world. f*** you.

My sister in law brought her cat to our house to catsit for a week while shes on vacay. I love cats i have one of my own. Butttt this cat will not use our litterbox. Its pooped in the floor twice and peed in the floor and peed around the litter box on the mat. My sil claims its litter trained but now im thinking its not. Like she told us that so we would watch it. Now we are thinking thats why she wouldnt give us her house key and just check on the cat over there. Im so frust... read more

so my cousin asked for my instagram and i didn't want to give it to her but i'm too nice to say no, especially since i've been staying at her place. so i give it to her blah blah. like two weeks after her guy friend wanted to talk to me so when he called, she gave it to me and he was like "she showed me your pics and you really attracted me", why the f*** would she send someone my pictures without permission. i don't want him to see me, he's an alcoholic and i don't want to b... read more

Have you ever just hated something that was brought into your life and in a sense stuck with it? My family bought a puppy two years ago that has peed on 2/3 of our towels, at least 1/5 of our clothes if not more, and peed on all of our furniture that isn't in a locked room. My sister is an irresponsible 23 year old that believes if he lives outside he's going to get taken by hawks, and despite buying him, hardly changes the 'puppy pads' in our house. These pads have basically... read more

I am really upset about Patrick. I should have kept to myself but I had to say something. Now I feel angry inside. Tempe doesn't deserve this. Please God fix this situation and give me peace. Please come into the heart of Patrick and make him stop withholding the children from her. She needs to see her children. Please undo the undoable in the name of Jesus. Please God give me peace in my heart. Please forgive me for overstepping my boundaries. I didn't mean to get all in the... read more

I hate my parents' voices. My father's especially. I hated how he would always shout and say that I had to shout too, because that was "projecting your voice, like successful people do". I hated how his face would swim up right next to my ear and go, "HAVE YOU SWEPT THE FLOOR?", or, "HAVEN'T YOU ALREADY TAKEN THAT EXAM?" "GO OUTSIDE AND RUN." Other times he would laugh and look proud of himself. He had a wheezing kind of laugh, the same one that I have. He said, "Told you, ri... read more

Yeah okay just forget you have a daughter

Well I'm sorry you couldn't keep it in your pants and completely forgot about any kind of protection, but thanks for making it clear who was the mistake early on. Go ahead and let my siblings treat me like utter sh**. Once this sh**show is over, I'll be far, far away from all of you.

i am trying to accept the things i have which are not the best... i have nice-ish clothes and shoes , i dont have a nice phone, yep no iphone 7 plus or macbook pro, just a older android and a car that i MIGHT be getting is a 2003 ford hatchback, nothing nearly new, i have a dog, a shelter dog, nothing special but i love him to death, i would like to have nicer things, yes but my best friend right now has a macbook pro and a iphone 6 plus.....i am super jealous... read more

Why would a single parents leave their own kids home alone by themselves that's neglectful not knowing if somebody called CPS on them