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Anyone remember when public tv had no stupid assed commercials ? It was funded by their annual donation drives - no f***ing commercials !!
They sold out and became another useless station , including the drives which are now really annoying .

losing weight by eating healthy (and exercise duh) seems impossible when you're poor as heck. the first thing i read about getting a good metabolism is: "Start with the basics and eat real foods. This means replacing the processed carbohydrates (granola bars, crackers, chips, cookies, cereals, etc.) with real carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables)." oh okay so i'll just starve myself. seriously sometimes the only thing to eat in this house are these "processed c... read more

Well I'm clearer as to where I stand with you but I'm still kind of confused.
Like I said before (not to you directly), I don't think it's working out.
I want something more than friendship.
Yes, I do want a "relationship". If you don't have time for it, then I think I just need to move on. Sorry.

Really getting tired of being "left out of the loop" just because I'm "not one of the family". I still live here though.
Ah well looks like I will soon be gone so I guess you can carry on as usual.
I'm good enough to take care of you animals and clean your nasty a** bathroom but forget about including me in anything. Right?
Whatever. :(

I know it's really not a big deal, but I kinda get annoyed when I comment on somebody's art work or whatever, and they don't even say " Thank you." back to me.

Met this great guy a while ago and honestly haven't felt anything like this in a really long time. The last relationship I had went on for several years, but we ended up calling things off because neither of us were happy. With this new guy he is a dream come true and vice versa with him. I haven't smiled or been this happy and even my friends have noticed. But we're opposites when it comes to love so it seems. He's told me he's feels something is here, but isn't sure if it's... read more

Ryan Miller in TX. Please dont call while driving hands free or not you are not attentive....you are a liability. ..and a danger to others

My ex best friend got mad at me for rejecting her friendship so she's telling people I talk sh** about them so they hate me, it's working. We screamed at each other today because everyday she keeps coming up to me. Should I or should I not punch her next time she f***ing yells at me?

I'm 13 and I weight 129 I need to lose weight ASAP

When we want advice we already know the answer but want a different one.

My girlfriend is 19 and gets turned on by shotacon. I don't know if that means she is a Pedro or what.

There is NO REASON for you to clear your throat every 15 seconds from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. Obviously you must think it's really fun (why else would you do it non-stop? It's not like you're getting paid for it) but to everyone else it's obnoxious and distracting. STFU.

I feel like a sh**y wife because I'm depressed all the time. He wants me to be happy, I want to be happy, but it just isn't there. I feel like I disappoint him because I'm sad. He wants his real wife back, the woman he fell in love with. She just isn't here right now. I want to run away and hide somewhere. I'm afraid he'll leave me, and I don't know what I would do then. Kill myself maybe? I'm not really sure. I hope I can get better. Maybe this new therapist will help thing... read more

So, I just followed my crush on Tumblr after 3 and a half years of just silently admiring her.

Sadly, this is the closest I'll ever be to her. No, really, she lives in another country.

I need help. So my boyfriend broke up with me about three weeks ago. I want to try to move on and be friends with him because our families interact with each other a lot and I just don't want it to be awkward when we run into each other. But, I can't talk to him because of his mother who won't let her family talk to anyone in my family. My dad got really upset about this because she went off on him for telling my now exboyfriend that he should talk to me so everyone can move ... read more

The prince and the poor girl; an auto Biography

I hate you're getting your way. We stop being friends and you force me to switch lunch tables even though I WA sitting there first you b****. But I stole your girlfriend so that makes me feel a lot better (:

You really think my dad is the one hurting me by getting involved? He is trying to help me. YOU are the one hurting me by keeping me away from him. This is some kind of messed up Romeo and Juliet. -.-

I'm 18 My Mother And Father Have Not Been Together Since I Was A Couple Months Old. When I Was Younger And Lived In California He Would Pick Me Up And We Would Spend Time Together. My Mom ThenMet My Now Step Father When I Was About 7 And We Moved To Arkansas My Dad Would call me and We Would Talk But Every time He Called He Would Ask To Talk To My Mom He wasn't Over The Fact That She Left Him And Still Isn't He stopped Talking To Me Completely And Ignored Me He Would Even Say... read more

I Have No Idea What To Do.!!! I have been with him 5 years and we have a 2 year old daughter. Some part wants to walk away and another part wants to stay. We argue all the time over stupid things. He has anger issues. And my main problem is his mom.!!! She didn't like me when we first got together I didn't really care so we stayed together and 3 years passed I got pregnant and she hated it and a couple months later she became pregnant and told me she did it on purpose so she ... read more