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im not gonna lie.... i LOVE the smell of the pink detergent soap!!!! i dont know why but i just love it!! idk what is wrong with me but i have to smell it at least five times or more!!!! i cant help it!!

If one more SOB asks me for money I'm gonna go postal. Its f***ing hard for everyone right now. How about I pay you (a second mother-effing time) for that old electric bill when my dad gets cured of cancer and I'm not helping him out and taking care of him and my grandpa. f*** you dude. f*** you.

i can't do wot you do cuz i aint you right? so in the same way you can't do wot i can do cuz you aint me right? so even if i did exactly wot you did i wouldnt get the same results right so stop trying to get me to be like you cuz guess wot?


Every liberal policy that has been implemented in the past has failed why are we trying them again?
the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, so that proves my point liberals are insane.

The French got one thing right the bday is much better and cleaner than toilet paper why aren't there more in America.

I hate these 5 or so days of the month!

I want to f*** the married woman at work and eat white chocolate off her buttocks.

Mother caught me! Was trying to practice how to save my cat if she ever choked and was in an odd position. Bejesus.

I am surrounded by death just this week I have lost a great uncle, a close friend and hunting buddy, and tonight my uncle from my dads side, plus my dads friend was found murdered a couple days ago, what's next things have to get better from here this is crazy!

My idiot fiance cheated on me with prostitutes. Then I start dating a long time acquaintance, and he TOTALLY sells me on security and a potential future. After we get it on a bunch of times, suddenly he "needs to be single" to "figure some things out." Suddenly, after two months of dating, he needs to focus on his career in RETAIL SALES AT A $HITTY STORE IN A MALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALREADY told him I am NOT the kind of girl to sleep around, and that if h... read more

So now I'm out for the f***ing season because my shoulder keeps dislocating. It happened like 6 times. I told the doctor 3 times hoping I would just be out for a couple of days or so, but the doc freaked out and now I'm out. And I need to see some physical therapist to help strengthen my shoulder so it won't do that anymore

Oh hoorah! My endometriosis is back. (if you don't know what it is, you should look it up! it's super!) It's been back for a while, but for some reason today it's been bugging the hell out of my horomones. I keep crying over every little thing, it's worrying my coworkers. GAH!!!! Now I'm crying for getting so mad at my stupid body. :'( also angry face, but I don't know how to make one :(

why is my life so f***ed up rite now??

Whats with all of the christian nuts on this website?

Reddit is down. Must find new places to leave posts!

I said it once and I'll say it again. I wish I remember what it was like to feel wanted. Bf went out without me for someone's 21st. I wasn't able to come since I'm not 21. He said everyone had a girl with them so he kept to himself the whole time. And when I asked him, "well then why 't you text me?" since I sent him two texts. Only two. And his reply was, "cause I didn't want to." well thanks...

I hate when he has a good time without me. Ladies that have men that go out without them, don't lie and say you don't feel the same at least sometimes...

I loved her, but she never loved me. She never cared about me. And now she's gone. All it did was turn me into some cold hearted emotionless bastard.

So here's the deal- I am nuts in love with this girl. She is the best thing to happen to me in more than a year, but there's a catch- she believes in second chances...

So she and I have been talking, and she still can't decide whether to date me, or give her ex (who is childish and an a**) a second chance.

I have people telling me that I shouldn't stick around (since I'm a nice and decent guy), but I cant just sample something fantastic, and then leave it on the table, ... read more

Wow i just overheard my mom on the phone talking to her friends saying how her favorite daughter is my sister that shes sweet kind and is a great person. When she talked about me its like i was the devil! What the hell i am always nice to her i buy her things i give her money when i have it and even if i dont i find ways to give it to her. I always help her no matter what it is and yet she described me as the devil to her friend and then laughed!! Doesnt she know that she hur... read more