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I'm trying really hard not to hate the Greeks, but their economy is bankrupt and they're so smug about not wanting to change. I hate people who brag about how they can get others to do their dirty work for them.

Crazy, active female thinking about joining the Marines. Why? They are the best of the best, badass, and tough as sh*t! I'd go the OCS route. Right choice? If not, why?

Why the hell do black guys keep a damn comb stuck in their hair? It looks pretty stupid if you ask me...

I don't get this whole Apple/Mac revolution... Apple is only just another franchise targeting rich, spoiled, and "blind" teenagers who believe that they are artistic and rebellious towards the Microsoft empire whenever they have their hands on a so called "innovative" Mac product.

It is extremely sad what this world has come to, accepting malicious propaganda by large firms; thinking that these products are always of more quality than anything else that doesn't car... read more

Why do I always sabotage myself? Why can't I keep my focus on my priorities? Always go for what feels good in the short term and does nothing for me in the long term.

So, I was watching some show on Tupac's Death and how it was investigated and everything. I just need to say, I believe it was a plan by his buddy who was driving him (Suge, something or other). It was way to perfectly planned out, getting boxed in at a red light.

Tupac had plans of leaving his label, which his buddy clearly was against. The biggest part that makes me think he helped plan it out is, the way the dude acted right after it happened. Instead of staying... read more

I've been a fan of The Soup (earlier Talk Soup) for just over 10 years now. Seen it with hosts Henson, Aisha Tyler, Hal Sparks. I thought the show had never been funnier with Joel McHale. Sadly, as has been the case with past hosts- they peak and then they all eventually peter out. The last 6-7 episodes of The Soup has been so watered down, cheap gags, unfunny bits/spoofs, lame montages, throwaway one-liners, I just have to retch and admit its jumped the shark with McHale... read more

Is it just me or do the Native American totem poles rising from the ground in the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics look like four rising erections? Bad choice.

Its 5:17 am. I can't sleep. I miss you.

I really hate f***ing customer because when they come in and say I need this by here and tell you when they will bring it in guess what? They dont bring it in for three days however, they still want it in the same amount of time that they told you the first time. So guess what I have to work all f***ing weekend to make sure the job gets done and I get no overtime. f*** CUSTOMERS!

Exceptional catering is exceptionally bad. WHY?

Why do my neighbors always smell soooo bad. Learn to use a shower or at least lather yourself in a bottle of cologne or something. I mean, come on.

Why can't they ever get the temperature right in this place?

Why am I surprised to find fat or ugly people when I go out on an Internet date? We need some truthful photos people!!

Well, the meteorologists screwed up big time yet again... so much for the blizzard! I barely see a damn dusting. There's no other job around where you can change your "action plan" multiple times in one day and still be completely wrong, yet have job security... good lord

I want a Muttr t-shirt. Where do I sign up?

paper product etiquette 101: If you use the last of the roll, put a new roll on the spindle.

Sophomore level: If you take the last spare roll to put on the spindle, put more spare rolls in the bathroom.

Advanced placement: For crying out loud, do not put an empty roll back on the spare stand.

So, I asked for a couple inches. Yeah, yeah, I know.. but its always been a sore subject for me and being hopeful never hurt anyone. As luck would have it, I got exactly what I asked for. Woke up with 2 beautiful inches.

Unfortunately, it was snow. I hit blackice and wrecked my car. Sad days :(

Jeez. I hate it when people decide to stand right by your work station and hold an hour long conversation.

We never have time to work in the class to begin with, and now you disrupt everything with needless chatter! Yes, we know its raining outside...go sit down.

Did anyone else think that the Google commercial during the superbowl was completely unnecessary? Like, why the hell did Google feel that they needed to spend all that money on a superbowl spot, when everyone already knows what/who they are?