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why cant i get over you? you broke my heart when you chose my best friend even though you knew how i felt, you destroyed me emotionally when you used me to compensate for the fact he wasn't emotionally there for you, you sabotaged the few times i actually had started to get over you. when you realised i couldn't keep flirting with you and that i couldn't keep fixing all the problems in your relationship for you, you went and found someone else to flirt with, you ignored me wh... read more

Them: It's been a while! Where've you been?
Me: Haha, you know me! Some days I'm a slacker some days I'm a busy bee.
That's how I always reply. I can't tell them that the truth is that sometimes I'm so overwhelmingly depressed that I spend my free time every day crying rather than chatting with friends. I can't bring myself to reply to messages or say hello and pretend everything is okay.

Well great, well done you've gotten yourself a girlfriend again now the only question is how long before you do what you did last time you were in a relationship and completely forget about me and ignore me?

I've known this guy fir two years and he hasn't started making me feel uncomfortable until now. We can talk about anything but i tols him that there were limits. He's always asking me why i had done something without telling him so, if i leave somewhwee he asks why i didnt tell him, he always stares at me in class then asks me why i didnt participate. Yesterday on the phone he ended up asking my bra size, what mt vagina looked like, and told me that i have an a**. We're not d... read more

I spent 13 hours at school working yesterday, just did roughly 5 hours of homework, and soon I'll be going back to school for another 7 hours (at least) of classes/work. I swear to god this semester's gonna kill me.

I know it's vain, but I wish I was prettier. I hate going out with my friend and have men stare at her and act like I don't exist. It used to be me. She's thinner and taller. I'm petite and a bit over weight (down south, here, they call it thick) I used to be tiny but had no breast at that size. I feel better with weight on my body. I'm not grossly fat. Unlike her, I don't wear a weave.
I look at my face and sometimes I don't know what to think. It's just mediocre.
I don't***... read more

I thought my girlfriend was lying to me and I have been feeling this way for awhile... she has cheated on me in the past she claims they only made out(i don't believe that!). Anyway so tonight I fallowed her and so far have caught her in two lies. One that she was home when she was not. Then said she showered and was relaxing watching Netflix when again I knew she was not.... those little ones of course were not the kind I was looking for but It leads me to wonder what was sh... read more

why is it that nice people come last?

Ive been avoiding the guy who sits on the same row as me. He probably thinks I'm a weirdo. 4 months into school, and Ive barely said a word to him. He probably thinks I hate him too. I dont hate you, I actually like you alot alot alot. It offsets my anxiety. Like you literally takE MY BREATHE AWAY

My whole life i've been hated.my auntie used to tell me as a kid i was a sin because i was mixed and my teenage cousin used to have sex with me.my grandma used to call me stupid up until she passed away and i actually miss her but her words sting deep still.my father used to beat my a** almost daily he really would take his anger out on me and call me stupid dumb a p**** and things like that he kicked me out when i was 15 and told me i could be thrown under a bridge for all h... read more

i hate talking on the phone, even to family members I feel an insane social anxiety that is so g**d*** worried about boring someone, stuttering, losing my train of thought, etc. I can't even make a dr"s appt or fix my health insurance. I hate myself and no one will help or can.

screw u b**** at wmart who felt so entitled u couldnt wait in line behind me but had to stand even w me and stare at me while in line and had to push your sh** in counter line to within an inch of mine fk u and u lick my balls u entitled b****

So my girlfriend has a friend. This friend, I'll call him Y, is a transgendered lesbian a few hundred miles away from where my girlfriend lives. They met online two years ago, over a stupid gaming website, and have seen each other in person maybe once or twice. Y is also excessively promiscuous and doesn't know how to keep his dick in his pants. Y has also tempted my girlfriend away from me before, only to break her heart. They have slept with each other and have ASSURED me t... read more

when i was little, yeah people were wearing faces that show positivity and stuff because of course we don't want children to know problems when they're this little. but now i'm 22 idk what to feel. my uncles have disorders. my aunts are manipulating my grandmother and everyone in the business in the venture for money. some people in the business are sneaky as f***. im having a hard time discerning who to trust and they're expecting me to have a hold on this business sh**. i c... read more

Why do Black people always ask for hot water for their silverware? They're too ghetto to understand that, that same cup you're dipping your silverware in comes from the same restaurant kitchen as your silverware and if you think the silverware is dirty, what do you think the cup is? Clean? Not logic. They also always make sure they come with at least 8 people and don't want to wait and almost always tip horribly. They conjure up all kinds of schemes to get free food and drink... read more

I have a friend crush on this guy, meaning I really want to be his friend. He's so chill and funny. When I was in his group for an in-class assignment one time, we had never talked and we didn't even know each others' names, but he didn't make it awkward or anything. He talked to everyone and included everyone in the conversation and joked around with all of us and aaa

This is a big deal to me because I'm "that weird quiet girl who draws a lot and has no friends", and people... read more

Ugh. I was about to have an awesome lunch with some friends, then I suddenly remembered I had a club meeting. I go, there's the two kids I'm pretty much just humoring. One keeps badgering us to watch some documentary or the other. I've uttred this before but she's the only one who gives a sh** about the topic. Next she suggested that in support of the Mexican protests we fold a bunch of black cranes. I don't now much about the situation, and I KNOW she doesn't either. This gi... read more

I think I might have social anxiety or something. I had thought about it before, since I'm terrible at socializing and I have no close friends besides my family, but never seriously considered it until today. Today we were assigned partners in Spanish and we were supposed to ask each other questions about the date, time, weather, etc. It was going alright until my partner asked me about the time. I suddenly got really nervous. I didn't remember how to tell the time in Spanish... read more

The wooden gate and the outside doors have gotten harder to close lately, like they get stuck. It's been raining a lot. Could the rain be making the doors swell or something?

Senpai notice me!