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I just want somebody to cry on and listen to me right now.


Please, can my dad stop walking in on me while I'm half naked?
I know he's not doing intentionally, it's terrible timing, but my god is it mortifying.

i'm in middle school. i get all a's, i've been on the dean's list for 3 quarters straight, i'm in the challenge language arts and math class, i'm part of the school's advanced choir, i'm in the musical (which i was told i had the best expression), i was given an award for my outstanding projects, i was chosen as a student to represent my school, and in the parcc test i got in the top two percentile for my grade and state. yet i have not once been rewarded by my family. i got ... read more

Misophonia 101:


My husband just punched a hole through a box like jeez chill man.

Hope I dont make you as mad as that box just made you like dang


Yeah so I love someone but then I sort of gave up on them but now they're showing interest but at the same time we're both awkward and boring only around each other idk idk it's like suddenly I'm weird and I can't socialize well it's very frustrating and also I'm more than slightly aggravated because I know they know how to make conversation but they just don't and we're awkwardly alone a lot (I mean I don't feel that awkward but it's awkward knowing they probably feel awkwar... read more

Someone help me.. I am 15 and I have a crush on my 23 year old bus driver. He's cute and funny..Ik it's wrong, he doesn't like me anyways but still...

My parents love each other sometimes, I guess. They have been fighting ALL WEEK!! it's annoying and stressful.

Shiuld i give you my number? Vagueish posts are a very effective way of communication so idk but then i dont know if you have a phone. Gosh

I hope you text me first for once, you used to. Damn it's pathetic how much I want to talk to you.

I really hope that he knows what he is getting into. If she got THAT jealous over me and treated me so badly that he had to step in to stop her. I hope that he knows that she is only going to get way worse if they get married...... Like seriously dude what are you thinking? She is even pushing you away from your family and friends! That is a clear sign that this relationship is toxic!!

Why do you always say '' Stop having an attitude'' like okay ill stop having a f***in attitude when you stop walking through the door sh**y as f*** and taking everything out on me like I did something wrong. You can be mad but I cant? Well then screw you you f***ing a**h*** .

Is something wrong with me? Throughout the years my mom was dying I acted like I did not care. When she died last year I just... I don't know what happened, my dad told me and I only cried a little, but after that? Nothing. Anything else I cried about was just about nonsense. It's like I pretend it never happened, that she never existed. Like how some dogs forget what happened a month ago, I forgot my mom. I feels like it's just always been my dad and me, I like it this way, ... read more

I turned 27 last month. I have a crush on my 22 year old friend. Is it normal to have a crush on someone that young?

P, you are doing a good job at keeping the messaging to a restrained amount. Also, as recent interactions illustrate, you are right about the interactions seeming more enjoyable only because it is not f2f. Again, the chemistry is imagined.

I was watching this video on youtube that reminded me of my first love at first sight in high school. It sounds dumb, but it took me YEARS to get over him and to stop talking about him. He dated one of my friends instead of me, and in the end made my depression WAY WORSE. I decided from then on that I would improve myself and I have. Now, I look back and realize that he was an IDIOT and druggy and am glad I never dated him. I will admit that I still get sad about it sometimes... read more

So I have this friend who I really care about. Btw I'm a girl. He has an abusive home life. He selfs harm. I guess I just need some advice. But like I'm confused on my feelings and all that. I mean here's the thing. I see his eyes, obviously, but I see something special in his eyes. In his soul. There's like this light inside him that he doesn't know about and he's hiding behind a mask which he also doesn't know about. He's hiding a lot of things from himself and i don't know... read more

So I'd like to start off by saying no one needs to bother reading this or let alone commenting, I'm just here to vent because my family won't listen and friends won't either so I've come to the internet like most people do! Anyway, the topic is 'work', my manager, who was more of a friend than a boss but if she had to be stern than she would be, is leaving. She got a better offer somewhere else, more money, closer to her house. I get it, I mean she has a family to provide for... read more

You say I haven't seen ***** yet. That I've pushed you too far. You've never considered how much stress I'm under. Or maybe that there's a reason why I screamed at you. I can't stop crying. Wonder what you'll say. Yeah, I'm weak. I feel empty. I want to move out. I'm done...