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You wanted a warm honey bun? I'm going to do better for you sweetie. I'm going to make you a hot funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch syrup on top.

My parents used to tell me that if I keep making funny faces my face would get stuck like that. They were right I've never seen anything like it. My face could scare crows away.

Oh, alright! Hi there!

I guess I'll start with my life story. When I was born, my parents had no place to go. Nearly two years pass while being homeless, and I get a baby brother. He's a tiny little fellow. About three more years pass. I start going to school. We get an apartment, but it's nothing I'd dreamed. We didn't have what we wanted. I couldn't paint the walls, I couldn't play any games. I was stuck in a place, listening to other kids.

As a child, I learned to bite m... read more

3 more days of work then vacation! Finally! I need this.

I know you never cared about me. So why'd you do and say all that corny stuff to me. Seriously you were that desperate? It doesn't make any sense. But this proves that you don't care about me, now I finally know.

I wish you could fully understand

I wish I could kill myself without hurting others.

Oh my god, f***. Now I really want a warm honey bun. Also I want a boyfriend but. Also I want to not have a flat butt.

I took a sh** in the bushes outside of your office.

Warning ⚠️ this is super gross
Girl/menstral cycle problem or maybe it's just a me problem....

I just ran a full tub of water to take a bath in. I am on day two of my period (heavy flow). I did not have a tampon in when I entered the tub. As I sat in the water large blood clots and other yucky bloody messes took over the tub. I had to let the water out and start from scratch. Now that I have a new tub of water ran it's clear and good to go. Do any of you ladies or girls ... read more

My name is Cherry and I once weighed 410 lbs. I couldn't eat Oreos without getting winded. Now with a lot of vomiting and fasting I weigh 270 lbs. So always have hope .

I weigh 370lbs. If someone offered me a surefire death, I would take it.

The Acid - Ghost

How I feel :/

Man, I love making your life miserable.

I dropped some nails at the end of my neighbor's driveway when I was walking my dog. I hope he doesn't run over one lol.

Its funny, I bet I'm a huge laughing stock now. I am the person who ended up alot after my heart got broken. I dont even have friends, I do i just know they make fun of me and now i'm a burden to my family.

I wish I could pretend you actually liked me in the way I loved you. I hope your doing good though, I will wish you the best. Congratulations on having a girlfriend and friends that care about you.

Before I start, I would like to say that I ship Sebaciel and I don't care if other people don't like this ship or not, it's everyone's own choice what pairings they like.
Anyways, I've seen so many people pissed off over Ciel having a twin, I on the other hand, despite seeing the subtle hints in earlier chapters, am simply shocked by it.
But I don't get why everyone is so mad about it, the only thing I see as irri... read more

I finally opened up to you. It took A Lot for me to do it.
Now I come home and your reaction is to get drunk.
This has a really poor prognosis

I just finished watching ozark and it was so good. I don't know what to watch now though.