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When I think about those summer nights.
Singing out the window, on the back roads, Sweet Child of Mine. Sipping on the local's spark of light. Ain't it funny how the best days of my life, was all that wasted time.

All that wasted time.

Oh come on can i just not get depressed and suicidal for 5 minutes. I feel like crying. Honestly i have no where to go. Honestly if im going to be sad and alone can i at least have some bomb kush like damn if im not geting any love i just need to be alone and high and then just study and if im alone here i just need to know that i am alone because i was really happy for a minute there and i dont know wjats going on.
Honestly gym kush study art. If im alone thats my life. Occa... read more

So my roommates bf would get really turned on by me and it was really embarrassing because he would then tell his girlfriend. The weird thing is that she would complain that he never got that aroused with her. I mean, I literally did nothing besides wear a tank top and he got so hard that he almost had to go in the bathroom. She got mad at him because apparently he is never like that with her even though they have sex a lot. I find this really weird. Shouldn't he be that turn... read more

I'm running away from trust.

you're my best friend but i hate that you always manage to pressure me into going on nights out, this time i'm gonna put on a g**d*** face mask and watch a movie

go get drunk on your own im tired

i hope you realize that well you're out here judging everyone and talking sh** everyone is saying it right back at you

I AM CRUNCHY PEANUTBUTTER. I am so unsmooth. Why am i like this. Ugh. And aww man i dont know whats going on its like im in some void box and occasionally a shooting star passes by over head

I don't love you.
I'm tired of the abuse.
You drove me into resentment.

Do not beat around the bush with me
Do not test the waters around me
If you really care then grow some balls and PROVE IT

i thought you were a loyal friend but i guess i was wrong you said something the first time and i asked u about it and u denied ever saying it but once hearing it a second time knowing it was the truth just makes me furious i hate you, and all ive ever been to you was a good friend well guess what u didnt lose just one friend or two but 3 so in the words of all of us f*** you...

Wait how often is one supposed to interact with others. like is it bad if i interact 1 day every 3 months.
Or so. Like how often am i supposed to spend time with people. I Was not brought up in a stable houshold i do not know these social conventions.
Oh god my whole life is just one big series of misinterpretations. Oh gosh why? WHY?
Oh and bow im regretting when i ignore peoples texts because i forget they might think oh gosh.
Oh my existence. How do... read more

My boyfriend and I might be breaking up. We both aren't in the best place mentally right now and he said that he's considered breaking up for a while. We were discussing the pros/cons of our relationship and he just said "I gotta go. Bye" and left, and won't reply to my messages. I have no idea what to do right now and I'm freaking out some, as he really is my first relationship

I wonder if all sexual abusers think the victim is playing hard to get, or just 99% of them. It's all about what they THINK the victim is thinking and feeling not what the victims really think and feel.
Sexual abuse It's all about the sexual abuser doing whatever he/she wants to anybody he chooses.
If the sexual abuse was not enough, but NO they procede to affirm the victim actually liked it, when they can't even prove it.

is there ever going to be a time it doesn't hurt to be alone like this? some day where i can just be happy by myself? like there isn't this icy pit of disgust and self hatred in my heart that i can only cover up when i'm around others but never get rid of. why can't i just stay home sick one day without feeling like there's no one else in the world, like i'm stranded. am i that desperate for companionship?

What is the point for ppl to add you on FB and forever pretend they don't know you afterwards? Seriously...even in real life, sometimes...just seems asinine...

i think about you like you put the stars in the sky and yet you can't seem to believe it. i love you, why couldn't you see that you were always enough? you were scared of disappointing me, when i was scared i wouldn't be enough for you. god i love you so much. i want that feeling again. that feeling when the planets stop spinning and the clouds stop drifting and time stops advancing. i crave that feeling so much.

I'm living with depression and it's getting out of hand. I know that it is depression, but I haven't actually been diagnosed yet, but it's just one of those things that you kind of know. For the past two weeks now, I've been down. Seriously down. I've practically lost all of the passion for everything that I love, whether it be watching a movie or taking pictures or doing art. I've just lost the passion to do anything pretty much. And I can feel that this is starting to strai... read more

had my first mocha frappe at mcdonalds

Gotta say it was good, I leveled up from a teenager to mini-adult.

Kinda like a chocolate slushy.

Too bad it's way too expensive for me to have more often. Guess this means I like Ice coffee? (ooo im on one of those weirdos - something my dad would agree on because he's a hot coffee supporter AKA flat nipple rings vs cone-nipple people)

that embarrassing moment when you push the chair back with your butt and almost fall instead of sitting in the chair

I'm about to race someone for pink slips! Stupid I know but I have a feeling I'll win lmao :D