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I'm falling into a trap of meeting a guy, usually via tinder but not always, and then talking to him every day and feeling very close to him, and talking to my close friends not as much. I love my close friends, and I believe we're all okay, but I'm worried that I could be isolating myself. Is this normal behaviour? Also I have been in a fair few relationships because of this. I'm kinda desperate for feeling needed by someone.
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Why am I here? I didn't ask to be born and my parents can't give me a valid reason for my existence. God doesn't answer. No one has a reasonable explanation but yet I have to face being a human being everyday.... daughter of TWO narcs, wife of a silent man (who maybe wants to have kids... the world may never know), friendless, jobless (by choice). I hate that the majority of the world is enslaved and I can't just say what's on my mind without being looked at like I'm crazy. Y... read more

I f***ing hate you why did you have to take my FCKING virginity if you were f***ing with other girls why the f*** would you say you loved me if you didn't I was just starting to fall back in love with you but it broke me down inside when you just f***INF told me I can't make you c** in 2 minutes but girls can I'm sorry that I don't have the best f***ing body I'm sorry if I may not have the best body odor I'm sorry that I can't express my emotions to you I'm sorry that I can't... read more

Any "big", pretty white transgirls here? Fwmmmm. ^.^

It's so lame lol I was reminiscing about school and then I thought about this one teacher who was really nice to me, taught me math which I was horrible at and he played the banjo and he was actually really good and now I'm just sad and crying because of him lol I don't know why, maybe I miss him or the memories I've had of him in that horrible school were like the only good things. He's probably dead now or really old, it's been 20 years.....

Your penis is inside me sliding in and out. It feels soooooo goooooood.

I'm never going to fall in love. If it hasn't happened by now, it's never going to happen. I don't have anything to live for. I live my life without passion. I have a lot of other issues, but I find love on mind often. Maybe it just isn't for me. I'm in so much pain. I know my appearance is what makes me undateable. I've never been the cute flirty girl. I'm a fat tomboy that is just plain scary to guys. No one will ever love me. I'm scared of dying alone. Sorry this rant was ... read more

I do stupid crap- like open up to people. And i have trust issues and people ask me why i dont open up to people and thats because everyone i open up to leaves me.

i'm 34, female, it's been 5 years since i have been in a relationship, i want love, marriage, and kids. recently, my best guy friend of 13 years, and i have decided to purse something romantic. he's a great guy inside and out. he's always' been supportive of me, in my corner, and he thinks the world of me. i love him as a person but i am just not physically attracted to him and i think we lack romantic chemistry. i am afraid i am going to throw away something real because of ... read more

Big butt bonanza 2

Look at the pig eatin all that chicken

Why would you go to a party when you dont know anyone expt for 2 people and your enemys. And the 2 people you know raerly talk to you.

So I recently went out with this guy, "S". He was the first guy to every take me out on a date. On the first date we went to Red Robins and went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. He refused to let me pay for anything. On the second date we went to his house. His mom cooked us dinner. We played video games and watched a scary movie together. We were cuddling but he was worried his mom would walk in and flip out as if cuddling is scandles. So we took his Ford Bronco and we... read more

In October I feared for my dads life due to his sudden inactivity and recent retirement. Moved to be closer to him. Left my friends. Got out of a 4 year relationship (which was horrible but at least I had someone, she seriously screwed me up mentally. Manipulation, physical abuse, borderline rape, stuff like that). Left an awesome job with a killer career path. All that to move in with him and my stepmom. Barely 6 months later they are talking about moving away. I mean, if I ... read more

You dont understand.

It's such a nice night, I wish I had someone to sit on the deck and hold hands with.

Maybe if I jumped off a bridge I'd be happy

my friend and i had been friends for 10 years, he rarely went to school and developed some form of agoraphobia, he doesnt feel comfortable outside his home, when i invite him over he doesnt want to do anything, and always goes home after 3 or 4 hours of chatting. ive gone to college and met more friends from various backgrounds, and when i hang out with him it feels sad, he never wants to do anything and seems uncomfortable around me. i wish things could go back to when we lo... read more

When dealing with a passive aggressive person I want to dig in and answer back with sarcasm but I know the result will be more PA behavior and letting them win, so I drink and I know things...

I know my frustrations aren't as horrible as others on muttr but seriously it frustrates me that it's so hard learning my own language than it is learning English, Japanese, Korean and Italian. Why is it so hard?? I live around this language like almost all the time yet when the words roll off my tongue I feel like I'm saying it wrong and I feel so awkward and funny and my boyfriend pressures me that I need to learn it so that I can speak with his family and I do really want ... read more