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Sick of being married to masturbation/porn addict. I need to say adios. Him staying an addict doesn't help me stay clean from relapsing on my diff issues.

Does anyone else miss the days when Cracked was actually fun? I remember having to hide my giggles on the bus as I read every article. Now it's mostly political articles with the same level of careful research you'd expect from a sleep-deprived middle schooler. Even their entertainment pieces have to get in their digs at Trump. Makes me sad.

I just finished from masturbating for 2hours straight. That isn't even the longest I've masturbated.

I feel bad my roommate and her relationship. Her boyfriend compares her to other girls even to me. Says to her how pretty OTHER girls are to her and rarely ever says how pretty she is. He rarely ever seems happy and so she plans all of their dates and outings and their lives pretty much. He has yelled at her for stupid reasons like about food and not taking care of things like she should. He doesn't even Talk when she mentions marrying him and says nothing or that he is ready... read more

Omg there's this guy and he's so cute and sweet and hot... and very very confusing. I like him a lot and it's really hard for me because I've had my heart broken recently and I'm terrified of rejection. He is a really cute boy who seems like he is a popular hot guy that all the girls like on the outside but on the inside he is super dorky, nerdy, awkward, and adorable. He and I Snapchat a lot so much so that we're eachother's #1 best friends, we accidentally started a streak ... read more

I love my stepdaughter. She stays at our place every weekend. Problem I have is that I've started feeling that there's no time for my relationship with her dad ever. We don't go out together or have any alone time other than bed time. I'm feeling neglected. Is it wrong for me to want a weekend once a month without her?

I've been in a relationship on and off for a year now but I feel like I'm not growing in the way that I want to be anymore. We're getting on eachother's nerves more and more now. He's acting like a child! In the past week, I've felt a strong urge to punch him in the face on more than three occasions. He's unreliable. Unpredictable. And f***ING impulsive! He drives like a maniac and doesn't care when he makes me uncomfortable. Why can't he understand that safety is more import... read more

If my brother is acting like a total brat right now, I'm not going to put up with his attitude that he's giving me currently.
It doesn't matter if he was being nice to me twenty minutes ago. He's being rude now and I'm going to defend myself
and fight back.
I'm not "mean" if I tell him to back off because he's being a jerk. It doesn't make me a rude person because I treat him
however he treats me in the moment. If he's nice, I'm nice. If he's being an arrogant jerk who thinks... read more

I don't know about anything anymore, I give her everything, my existence, but she doesn't seem to appreciate it, and I can't get that I should move on. Every time my phone vibrates, I pray it's from her, but I can't say she does the same. It hurts so bad, it's ripping me inside and I could feel my friends, my family, everything I live slipping away from myself with her. I'm losing hope and sight of everything, why can't I be straight like all the other girls? Why is it that n... read more

its no f***ing wonder !!! i want to stay off school all the time !! its f***ing sh** !!!
lets call this first person lion. lion is mentally ill. they supposedly have hallucinations, cant sleep, are depressed, and wont eat. lion is so f***ing sweet and everybody loves them !!!!!!!!! they have blue bleached all over hair and everybody loves them even more for that. i buy them food out of my own f***ing pocket for them. they ask me for a cookie from the cafeteria, i say yes beca... read more

So I have to write an essay. A 7 page essay. It's supposed to be about my favorite place/destination, and it's supposed to be "immersive" so I would have to use a lot of imagery. The problem is that it's 7 pages. Why? Why does it have to be THAT long? It's so unnecessary. I feel like the professor just made it that long just for the sake of being long. It really hurts creativity because that would mean I would do a whole lot of rambling...there's really no place that I can ra... read more

My boyfriend called me fat today. Im 5'8 and 125lbs. What the f*** is his problem.


I know life moves on but sometimes I wonder what it would be with him. We are married now and I wonder if he thinks of me as I sometimes think of him. I wonder if we would meet again or that it is better this way. I don't have a single photo of him and I can't search for his image online. I would dare not contact him as the devastating expense of both of our spouses. The last he emailed out of the blue was to ask if I completed my studies. I deleted it and brushed it aside. I... read more

God dammit! f*** you Zach, f*** YOU!!!

Is "t***" a bad word?

I get sad because I am 21 and no guys like me and I have never had a boyfriend before as a girl, never asked out or dated. ): I feel like I am forever alone. Even the other day, a girl in front of me got cold approached by a guy and this guy was asking for her number. Yet, this never happens to me; I have never had a guy approach me, let alone ask for my number.

Breaking news: I can't read minds. Let me know what's up. Thanks.

This is Important

She/He is a danger
I was once his girlfriend and he forced Nudes out of me but not long after dumped me and treated me like sh**. This has become a pattern of break ups and then poor treatment with their Exs
But not only that I learn later that they more or less had me in an Abusive relationship
Making me feel useless without him and constant manipulation.
They are now with another girl and they plan... read more

Dear people that think there are more than two genders,
Shut the f*** up, go the f*** away, and get the f*** out of this planet.