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Every summer I have recurring dreams about people and just school in general. It makes me nervous asf because I know that once school starts again I'm going to have to start all over, struggle with grades/work, and be lonely and miserable until I get back on track again. I honestly hate the feeling.


Blank - Disfigure

My studying sh**

Gonna draw with my sister, last time was years ago because shes kinda of a b**** when it comes to art. She claims she'll try to get something done today. We'll see how it goes...

I hope your okay. I never want anything bad to happen to you. Mildly bad is okay nothing that will ruin your day.
I'm realistic.


I wanna kill myself

f***, hope nobody heard that. Forgot to mute audio on phone while watching porn, hopefully everyone is asleep.

My brothers talk about me and hit me. My mom is so negative and my dad hates me. I live with my grandma and Im so depressed Im home schooled and no one likes me because im fat.

I know logically that the way I am feeling is ridiculous but I cannot help how I STILL feel. They look at me like I am some random sh**y hooker off the street. The girls you work with know you have a girlfriend. Where is the respect? I've tried to be nice and accept the fact that you like to hang out with the people you work with and I know you do not go to these work get togethers to hang out with these girls specifically but rather your guy friends but it still hurts knowi... read more

Something about how I hate myself.

I was about to type something important but now I can't remember it...

boy oh boy i love being ignored. don't you?

i am worthless.

If you know I'm depressed, why would you be like the rest and just put more sh** on my shoulders? What a great boyfriend you are. Ugh.

I want to be a mom one day.
I love my boyfriend and I know I'm not perfect I know I've made my fair share of mistakes I really don't want to lose him I feel like I lost myself for him but I'm going to do everything in my power to earn his trust again and treasure him for who he is I won't expect from him anymore I'm not gonna suffocate him anymore I won't be that needy and clingy person anymore. I want to be better for myself and for him

Verbally abusive people are so frustrating to deal with.
It's hard to tell them they're wrong.
More like you CAN'T tell them they're wrong.
If you do, they'll find some way to turn it against you.
They can do anything they want and it's fine, but even if it's wrong, and you try to tell them it's wrong they turn it on you.
Suddenly you're in the wrong because of something they did that was bad.
But if you go and do the same thing they did, you're wrong and horrible and did som... read more

I'm falling into a trap of meeting a guy, usually via tinder but not always, and then talking to him every day and feeling very close to him, and talking to my close friends not as much. I love my close friends, and I believe we're all okay, but I'm worried that I could be isolating myself. Is this normal behaviour? Also I have been in a fair few relationships because of this. I'm kinda desperate for feeling needed by someone.
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Why am I here? I didn't ask to be born and my parents can't give me a valid reason for my existence. God doesn't answer. No one has a reasonable explanation but yet I have to face being a human being everyday.... daughter of TWO narcs, wife of a silent man (who maybe wants to have kids... the world may never know), friendless, jobless (by choice). I hate that the majority of the world is enslaved and I can't just say what's on my mind without being looked at like I'm crazy. Y... read more

I f***ing hate you why did you have to take my FCKING virginity if you were f***ing with other girls why the f*** would you say you loved me if you didn't I was just starting to fall back in love with you but it broke me down inside when you just f***INF told me I can't make you c** in 2 minutes but girls can I'm sorry that I don't have the best f***ing body I'm sorry if I may not have the best body odor I'm sorry that I can't express my emotions to you I'm sorry that I can't... read more

Any "big", pretty white transgirls here? Fwmmmm. ^.^