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Everything was great two weeks ago.

I got a thigh tattoo last year in June. It's a decently sized tattoo and my thigh still hurts and no one believes me. Not the tattoo it's self but my actually thigh. It hurts if someone hits it and when I lay on my back for too long my thigh tingles. It feels like when your foot falls asleep and that tingling feeling when it coming back.

I loved it when we would just text eachother when we were bored. g**d*** I going to miss that.

Hi does anybody want to be my friend I'm reallyyyyyyyyyy reallyyyyyyyyyyy lonely.

Lets write a song. I'll start with a few verses. This is a country song

I remember the days
The days when I smelled your sweet perfume
But now your gone and I swear I'm dead
I miss you soooo much baby
You and you're pretty hair

Now add to it.

When I first got to know you. You told me you didn't have any friends, so at first I played to be that friend. Turns out, you were the friend I needed. Now that we are drifting, I cannot stop thinking about this. I want to tell you, but unfortunately you lost interest and I'm afraid to find out how little you care anymore.

So much to say so little ppl hear to listen

There are some ppl who are just meant to be hoes. #Slutfacts

I hate nights like tonight, where everyone is about posting but not many ppl are about actually commenting or helping out

f***ing little c***. you don't deserve this and you are such an ungrateful bastard thinking you are entitled to everything.

I need to eat for my health but the newly-diagnosed food allergy I have just makes it hard to find food. I really don't care for food anymore...it's just something to make my stomach stop.

Okay I don't miss u anymore I have cheetos

Small penises are so dumb to have. Its so horible that u have no control over if u get a big or small one. I guess genetics and other factors determine this, but damn it seems unfair

kill me please....

She isnt here and i think shes with someone else rn and its too much

Do not judge me

I can't believe that you think the argument is about the $12 that u were suppose to give me. It's not about the $ value, it's about your response to me when I asked for it. omg...what the f*** is wrong with u

Ok but can I just have some cheetos instead of the funnel cake no offense

You wanted a warm honey bun? I'm going to do better for you sweetie. I'm going to make you a hot funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch syrup on top.

My parents used to tell me that if I keep making funny faces my face would get stuck like that. They were right I've never seen anything like it. My face could scare crows away.