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13 reasons why is one of the worst shows ive ever watched no one should be blamed for someone else's suicide the person who committed suicide is 100% liable for their death and as well as they glorify cutting yourself like hanna says it's a way of expressing and it seems like getting help from a guidance counselor is wrong like there not going to help , no they know what they're doing and would never do that to a student they know the symbols #netflix #13reasonswhy

I'm a bisexual girl but my parents would kick me out and my whole family would disown me if they ever found out but I just want to be myself #love

I have a friend who is always being a b**** to me but at the same time she's really cool but just a dipshit to me and my other good friend the only thing she talks about is school and that's it even when we have sleepovers it's all about school and the one friend I was previously talking about never makes plans with me I'm always the one making them and I always feel like a seconed option to everyone in life like I'm never good enough to pretty enough Yano like everyone treat... read more

I'm tired of being lonely.

I hate my food allergy. I really miss all bread items and baked goods, god to i miss fresh made pastries. It's probably for the better I'm allergic because it forces me to eat healthy but still I don't have a say in the matter. I hope those who CAN eat gluten foods enjoy it.

North Korea vows to wipe out US with '5 million nuclear bombs'
North Korea said it will react with 'slight provocation'
26 April 2017 - 15:41 EDT

How is it possible to love someone you hate? How is it possible to still care about someone you betrayed you, in the worst way, who doesn't even feel bad about it. Who just made another whole life for themselves and left you in the dust in the shortest amount of time possible. How can my heart be broken and still try to be so nice.

I really don't like seeing how tired you are. You have such dark rings and such bad bags under your eyes that are never there.
It's jarring, especially because of how pale you are, and somehow a little sad. You're supposed to be the one who gets plenty of sleep, and you're so sleep deprived and cranky and almost apathetic.
I don't like it. No sir.

intrusive thought cw

me again oops i still wanna kill that one pet lmao

(i still never would in real life despite what randos on the internet think they know about therapy and coping methods??? ✌✌✌ lmao and i think all animals deserve good homes but i HATE THIS ONE JFKJDFKJGHKDFJG) ✌

I know you like me and I like you too. So why are you so shy?

Why isn't there a way for Muttr to notify you when people leave comments or give you advice. It's a struggle having to go on my account just to see if people comment back

It's weird how you think it's okay to treat me like an infant just because I'm autistic..

How do i appeal to the different beauty standards in each country?

Please. Could it please be warm out

i have a girlfriend that is long distance and we have been going out for almost a year and everything is going great, not sure if we will last a very long time or not but as of now everything is going great and it may in fact last, but there is a guy she always talks to and i am being a little b@tch but i just hate that she talks to him especially since she doesnt even know the dude in person, hes just someone she met online but she talks a lot with the dude and i just hate h... read more

Hey. I just don't want to be alone. Message me back maybe. We can listen to beach house and drive around.

Immature little b****.

I really thought you had my back no matter what. I sure had yours. But you gave up on me in the flick of a switch.

I feel a little too lucky. I am only 18 and just have all this stuff and live in the US which is an HDC, but i just feel so bad that there are countries in this world that are LDC's and there are kids in those countries that may never get anything close to the opportunities that i or anyone else that lives in an HDC, its just so unfair, i wish everyone else could be just as lucky but sadly, the possibility of that happening is so unlikely and i just dont even want to do any w... read more

Screw you. I got nothing to say to you, stay the he'll out of my life i dont need your time or help. Your not welcome at my house. My life is no longer your concern. Just please leave me alone. I'm done with you.