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I can't believe she did that, and I can't believe I was actually speechless. I'm so f***ing stupid she probably hates me now. All I ever wanted to hear her say was I Love You and when she finally does I stand there like a dumbass 😩😩😩😩 f***!!!

Man, i am so g**d*** sick of sad and alone. f*** imma do some f***ing hobby work. So sick of people trying to order me around because they think i dont listen or dont care. I feel happy at work and i've just rediscoverd one of my favourite places. I will not let you sad f***s drag me down. Everyone has a bad day and its selfishness that makes you forget that. So please continue telling me about your thoughts, your sh**y day and hell yeah take out allittle passive agression o... read more

I think my mom would drop dead if i told her im actually an athiest .

I yearn for the day that I can tell her she has nothing to be insecure about. The day that I can tell her that her smile is so gorgeous it could probably cure cancer. That her eyes are so captivating that they're almost distracting. That her laugh is the most heart-warming sound ever. I yearn for the day I can tell her that she's the strongest, smartest, funniest and most caring person I know.

I yearn for the day that I can tell her I love her.

Anybody? Your thoughts on this?

So I caught a cold (or maybe the flu?) this week. I've been taking advil and benadryl. A couple of days ago, I was just starting to feel so much better.

My mom told me to drink Alka Seltzer that day that I was already feeling better because she claims it works very well to "flush out the toxins and your sickness." The rest of the day goes fine, but by 5pm, I started to feel really sick. I shrugged it off because I didn't think it was anything... read more

I'm at work a few days ago working the cash register and all of the sudden my favorite celebrity couple comes in and I'm freaking out looking like a total idiot . were super busy and my manager is watching but i don't care so i pull out a phone and take a quick picture, I get home 8 hours later and finally get to look at it... one of them is completely cropped out of the photo !! This will haunt me for the next ten years! I want to cry

After being lead on and then cut off by the man of my dreams, I decided to text my last a**h*** ex......

f*** my life.

Being understood doesn't mean Im going to cave into what you want at all times. You can't behave like this anymore and you can't keep feeling like sh** about yourself. Im done with it. You need the reality check

There are a lot of guys that are getting crushes on me in real life and online. To be honest, it is really overwhelming for me. I am used to not being noticed and for guys not taking an interest in me. But now that I am older and in college guys just seem to be shocked by me, but not actually hit on me if that makes sense. My problem is that I feel like I have to many choices now and the guys I like things still do not work out. I guess I am still shocked because while I do n... read more

in gym today we were assigned to pick a partner and i picked my best friend who was already 'taken' by a b**** who
and she kept glaring at me.
and every times shes said, 'nobody cares about you' i just want to kill myself. she makes me want to die. i wish one... read more

I want to thank you for treating me like a human being. For showing me a good time. For making effort to care. And for being fairly straight forward and kind when breaking things off.

It's still really difficult. I tried so hard to guard myself, but ended up falling. I wish I could have had something with you, but I'm glad I met you.

Best of luck.

Confused if your trying to dust me off to the side or something. You only do things when convenient to you and you don't really seem to be concerned with how im feeling. Highkey you shut me up before i say anything, i'd say that maybe i talk too much but i really never open up to anyone because whatever issues. Anywho you could just be having a bad day, too bad im mentally ill too. I feel like if we do start dating you'll end up treating me the same way other people treat me,... read more

Kids are great they said you'll love it they said well it took 5 years but I caved to the pressure from family and my wife and guess what I was right I should have never agreed to have kids. I hated kids since I was 13 and and swore I would never have any but now I'm stuck in a life I never wanted.

I could give a sh** if you feel bad. I never wanted revenge or payback for you hitting me. Cheating on me. Lying to me. Talking about me behind my back. Everyday I forgave you and loved you because it was out of pain and i knew it. But when faced with my pain, you turned tail and sulked. You became your mother because you can't bear to be wrong. So be it.

I bore it for so many years to save you. To let you live happily. I lied to myself to try and be happy, I lied always and... read more

I know that wanting sex and being horny is normal, but I cannot help but feel guilty about it. I have been WAY MORE perverted and horny this semester and it is becoming really hard to control. For a while, it was hard for me to think about anything else even though I am a virgin. That is another thing I am worried about. I know a lot of people think it is silly, but I wanted to save myself for marriage. Now I am not so sure I can handle that. I looked up pron a few days ago a... read more

How do you deal with people who are a**holes. So I go to a school with a tradition and since i'm a freshman I didn't know. So I went and walk where it was suppose to be "couples only" then a group of a**holes started clapping and yelling at me all in all just making fun of me saying I'll be alone forever and be alienated from friends. I liked my school so far but dang some people who are superstitious are such a**h*** . One person also freaked like "omg you walked there? you'... read more

Your mom is unsuccessful and damaged and plays the victim in her f***ing fifties. Its pathetic and you're gonna end up the same way feeling like people are out to get you and never have real friends
I had some until you f***ed one of the best of them
And don't think I didn't find out you f***ed Chris, yea Mexican Chris I had chemistry with s***..
Stop playing like your hot sh** or a victim, go to a different city and be an exhibitionist or some sh**

There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, so muttr your heart out!There's no limit, ... read more

You were a total a**h*** , and therefore you got what you deserved.

Muttr, please install a 'key word' search box. I need help and Reddit couldn't help and neither good Google so yea.. think about it