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"Imagine me and you" is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen gosh I'm so in love with it

I really try to listen to my family, I do. But between my Dad acting an obnoxious 5-year old who wants attention and validation and a mother deciding that she needs to confide in someone (me) about how she's generally unhappy with life and MUST have my complete UNDIVIDED attention while doing so–even if I'm busy doing something else–I just feel exhausted. #venting #justfamilystuff

@thebulliesatmyschool....do you think guys should be able to wear tights and makeup? cause if you do...you're a f**. and if you don't youre being insensitive. HOW BOUT HE WEARS THE f*** WHAT HE WANT TO WEAR

Hey guys, I think I'm in love with a girl who has a boyfriend. Her and I are good friends and all, I love it, but just a little too much. I'd hurt her feelings if I stopped being her friend. I feel like I have to distance myself and try to suffocate these feelings, but it'll hurt me and her if we stop talking. I don't know what to do, I don't want to hinder myself because of her. Please any advice will be appreciated.

I just got thrown away like a piece of trash. Now i'm venting to a website. I wish i knew where to find someone who feels the same way. Someone who knows without a doubt that there isnt a single person in the whole world who gives a f*** about them. I don't know, i guess i don't really care either way. I'm not losing sleep over this and i dont feel the need to try and be "happy". Does anything really matter? No matter what i do ill just die alone anyway, and no one will remem... read more

If anyone wanted to know, my brother committed suicide three years ago. Today was his birthday. And I wanted to write about him anonymously because no one knows what he went through except me. He didn't even tell our parents or his own friends. No one knew except me....

Dear parents, please do us ALL a favor and STOP having kids! I didn't choose to be born with sh**y genetics. And I certainly didn't think yeah.....I choose to get therapy in my adulthood to concur all my unrealistic fears and "connection" issues. I am only saying this because your kids could never tell you this. No mom, I cant be there for my mooch sister, she has 99 problems and unfortunately I'm the b****. No dad, it seems that mom was right. If we both knew what you would... read more

I've never seen spouse abuse especially when it's the woman who's the abuser and the man is the victim but actually anything like that makes me uncomfortable now and I don't know what to do and I'm such a coward for not saying anything or standing up for the victim. And who would believe that the man is the victim and of all people, my own brother. And no one would believe him because he's a "man". Men don't "cry". Men are "strong". And like what everyone always says "he coul... read more

i wonder if you even think about the way you hurt my feelings sometimes

Is he asleep yet?
OMG I don't care who owns him China or Russia.
Please for the love of god just one single day without a scandal
quite him down please, just for a few days Please!

As expected, she gave up. Now she's going on about doing something she never did, doing her own script.
b**** we have 2 days to get our sh** together. So get it together!

we live together. i haven't said a word to her in three whole hours, she has her own room and everything, and i came in for THREE MINUTES to tell her i was excited about my cosplay (that we're doing TOGETHER) and that i couldn't wait to do something and she gave me the most exasperated annoyed look on her face like i wasn't worth ten f***ing seconds of her time (to stop doing what? reading fanfictions? scrolling through tumblr????) so i just stopped talking mid-sentence and l... read more

Am I too boring?? I'm really self conscious and my friends always tell me to hang out with them but every time I do I just stay boring? and most of the time I am bored and now my friends have friends that I hardly know so it's even harder now because of my self consciousness :/ My friend just asked me to go swim at his girls friends house with them but I said no :/

My girlfriend went ape sh** when she saw me talking to another girl. I kind of chuckled because I knew it would get a response out of her.

.....I'm not a nice person

I'm glad we're good friends and I know we will be forever. I'm sorry, but soon I'm going to have to grip reality because I know I'll never be able to show you how much I could really love you. You're an amazing friend and bring me so much happiness, it's just tough because I think I love you and I wish I get a chance to find out.

To be honest, I am really considering dating my friend because he is just so damn sweet, but I must admit that I am not attracted to him.....

you're gonna b**** about not getting enough money yet you don't work Saturday shifts and you call in half the time. I have no sympathy for you. Absolutely zero

Honestly, one of my fantasies lately have been to find a really hot guy and ask him if he could teach me how to suck his D. I know that sounds weird, but I feel like I would be more comfortable if it wasn't someone I knew. Essentially, it would be like a friend with benefits situation. I know that in real life it would not work though because the guy would probably end up being a disrespectful douchebag.

It's almost impressive how effectively I've self destructed.

Oh my god. It has begun. She's now giving me sh** for not being able to work in certain mediums and basically called me a bad artist for it.

Gee, cant wait to see how the rest of the night goes.