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Eveline's a really interesting, tragic character in Resident Evil 7, I almost feel bad for her, but she is very manipulative. Honestly I can't tell whether she actually longed for a real family or a 'family' to be the parasitic host of. Did she intentionally cause harm to the Bakers or not? Since she's basically a virus in the form of a little girl. I don't think this was ever fully explained which makes it even sadder to think about that Eveline could've potentially just hav... read more

The usual response to a sad girlfriend is a hug, a gentle touch, any words at all. What's the point of sleeping next to someone who can't feel your vibe. Or sense that you feel broken.
Even if you don't find words, a cuddle, kiss or snuggle would help.
I'm just tired of having to go out of my way for affection when I'm sad.

Will i die from spray painting in a poorly ventilated area?

I feel like we're not getting anywhere and it's frustrating. I love being around her. I love hanging out with her. It's been about 2 months and we hang out all the time, cuddling, watching movies and play-fighting until 4am. But nothing further. We haven't kissed yet, but that's all I want to do. I really like her and I know she feels the same way about me but it just feels like we're not getting any closer to eachother.

Depression is like cyrogenic freezing your mind

my mother is horrible to me but I still feel bad for how much I resent her because shes my mother and I should be grateful that I have one. I don't know. I feel really heartles for not loving my mother even though she tells me she doesn't love me. I probably deserve it

Was hoping to see you last night

Did anyone else struggle as a kid? Did you stuggle as a kid and believed everyone lived the way you did? I lived with a single parent who had zero time to raise my twin brother and I. I remember as a 7 year how normal it was to see the house in shambles. I remember there were piles of trash eveywhere and the smell of garage still hauntes me to this day. I remember living off of bread and mustard for days maybe even weeks. The worst one of all, was the bugs. The flys would swa... read more

When you post a controversial rant and get great feedback by people. I'm just so glad that I can speak on here for something that would go down hill in real life.

i have been working online. doing commissions for the past 5 months. i have been trying so hard to buy a gaming pc i want. my dad is so cheap. the only reason i havent dropped out of school which i came so close to doing because of my depression and grandfather passing away, is because i need my highschool degree. but all my dad cared about was getting extra money off of income tax. that's the only reason he wanted me in school. he promised me he'd get me a gaming pc but I'd ... read more

Getting really into Britney Spears, dunno why

She's a one of strangely memorable pop icons.
Got that weird, but enticing voice
and that old poppy 90s instrumental vibe.

not to mention that time she shaved her head....

People say they value honesty. They say I'm too mysterious. Than why is it that when I let you in on any part of what is actually going on in my brain, you suddenly disappear. It happens every. damn. time.

ufhgfhgh omg putting a hot towel on your face feels so f***ing good
my nose has been cured of sickness

I hide behind a mask of sarcasm. It is my shield.

That moment when you realize just how depressed you have become over the years through past music # delayed reaction

This will probably offend some, but just hear me out. It's about racism and how white people are portrayed by society. Now, I'm not just saying this because I'm white, I'm saying this because it genuinely offends me. And I get that people of other races and ethnicities get offended about certain things as well. I think that society has forgotten that whites are people too and that they have feelings. And I'm sorry in advance if this offends or iterates you, I am. But here's t... read more

I thought you were my friends. I thought that you would be there when I was in trouble. I thought you would save me, pull me away from the ledge. Like I would do for you. If you called me at 3am and told me you wanted me to sit with you because you were sad, I would be there 10 minutes later with chocolate in hand. I called you at 3pm, because I was on the edge (literally) of comiting suicide, and so I thought maybe you could help. I wanted to save myself for you. Instead, it... read more

If I have a character who isn't white, I'll be told by a hundred different people that I shouldn't write them. But those same people will tell me that if I don't write non-white characters, then I'm tacitly condoning racism. I don't get it. Young progressives shout "Give us more diverse characters! We need more diverse books!" But then when white authors respond and say yes, we'll do it, what resources do you recommend, those same people who clamored for diverse characters wi... read more

How do I find a know a good man...if my dad wasn't the best man. I don't have any other good examples to line myself up against

American feminism is terrible they only fight for stupid sh** like free the nipple not for stuff like women's education rights throughout the whole world like in America we have the s*** wall for feminism !*sigh* while there are women still not allowed to leave their house without male in the Middle East or lesser education rights . Free the nipple doesn't apply to everyone ! Middle eastern women have to cover up everything ! They're not allowed to show skin so why would that... read more