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Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. But not in water. Like I'm suffocating on life itself. Like a cloud is surrounding me and I wish it would just swallow me whole. I wish I could stop existing without dying.

I think my pinky finger is sprained

I broke my rules for you and now I'm finding out that you had somebody else. I hate myself for still giving a sh** about you. I'm trying to tell myself I deserve someone better than you and I do. I broke my rules for you. I knew your type but I thought you had proved me wrong. You didn't.

tall foreheads 🚫

I went to look at couches today for my new apartment. I think I found one I really like. Now all I need is a coffee table and a kitchen table and maybe a desk.

Please forgive ma Allah. The most beneficial the most gracious. Please forgive me for my sins. Oh Allah please forgive me for having an ego. Oh Allah you have given me so much and continue to do so but I went into war with you unknowingly. Oh Allah I promise you I am changed. Oh Allah I will follow the Deen I will remember you not only in the bad times but the good ones too. I don't want this Oh Allah. The feeling of stress eating away my body my mind it hurts each day. I am ... read more

My post got buried :(

How can yoj miss something that you've never had

Just got home with McDonald's. It's almost 11pm and I haven't eaten today and I am starving. I'm going to purge too.

Happy 21st f**.

Why do white people say yous?

How's everybody's night going?

I can see it now. We go out to a bar. We drink Scotch and then some beer. We work up a good buzz. Then we go to Taco Bell at 1 in the morning. Then we come back to my apt and we both get really sweaty. Then we sleep naked in my bed under a cool fan. Doesn't that sound great to you?

I can't see anything but you.

Because your head is big.


You want to hear a crazy story? There's this heroin addict who goes to the ghetto to score. One day he goes over there with 200 dollars in his pocket looking to get enough for several blasts for the few next days.. He ends up getting robbed by some thugs. The next day he goes back to the same spot and deals with the same ppl looking for his next blast. Now that's when you know you have a problem.

Since I'm already here browsing muttr, I might as well ask if anyone knows what these bumps might be on my thigh, I've never had bumps like this on any part of my body before except maybe my face, it's almost like acne, but like, wtf?? How would I get that sh!t on my thigh like this?

Preferable someone cute AND nice
Now taking applications

I just want to find someone to throw up on.

They say the show must go on, and I guess they are right. Regardless of your situation or circumstances the world doesn't stop for anyone. We all have a choice to move on or stay stuck, but either way the world will keep turning and life will continue to happen. With or without our input or help or problems and care or love or hate or issues or accomplishments....it's gonna keep turning. With that being say it's probably best that we make the best of it...

I'm not in love with you, but if I ever had the chance to find out if I could be. I'd take it in heartbeat.