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I try to be happy for others when good things are going for them even if it's not for me . I hope I will get some good things too soon

sometimes I'd rather be a prostitute than go to my actual work that's how much I actually hate it

If there's one question I'd like to have answered on the internet it's that who the f*** rights those heavily detailed smut stories on places like Literotica? Either you've got way too much time on your hands or I don't know what... Practicing writing long pages of that sh** must get awkward

Dear crush aka ex ,
You're the loml and you don't even know it . I want to show you what's real these other girls can't show you that . I just wish you would be with me .

Having class this semester with my unrequited love whom I cut contact with 4 months ago is agonizing. Why am I so weak???!!! God f***ing damn it, I can't believe I was so weak that I let my feelings get in the way of our friendship. Not being friends with her at all is much more painful than having at least some interaction. Holy. f***. I made a big mistake. I always say that it's for the better, but yeah, I don't feel any better, not one bit. This is f***ing stupid. I'm also... read more

My teacher shat her pants today during a lecture...

I'm trying so hard to get help, but no one will listen. Every time I tell anyone I'm depressed and need help, they just say, "No, you're not. Your therapist just wants you to think you are/you're too young to be depressed/you're being overdramatic." I've had three therapists help me with my depression, going onto my fourth. I don't know why no one will help me. I'm starting to think the person who said "If you reach out to get help, you'll receive it!" was just messing with m... read more

Two black women told me today that mixing races is one step away from beastiality, incest, and pedophilia. I think theyre just jealous cause theyre single and my man is the sh**. Keep on hater

Having a student get mad because they don't want to do work and fail....gee, thanks for that. Try acting your age and work. Ugh

god i am so f*** I N G UGLY JESUS CHRIST
literally i feel so bad for people who have seen my face

I'm in love with my best friend. I'm a girl, she's a girl, as far as I knew, I was straight. UGHHHHHHHHH.

My neighbors autistic daughter who also has a spinal cord injury gets denied disability, but that 300 pound b**** at walmart quits her job because she's "now getting that check each month" ... Seriously .. Those were her exact words. It seriously enrages me! f*** those fat lazy c***s! I have some comfort in the fact that there fatness will eventually kill them!

i dont know what i am doing with my life anymore. i've lost friends more than i realize. my 4 month relationship is a roller coaster. i am stressed out to no extent and can't seem to get a break in the day to have some down time. everytime i think i am doing something right and helping someone out it all seems to fall apart and come back on me and make me look like an idiot or something. i have talked friends out of some very dark and bad thoughts and you know how they repaid... read more

i wanna choke and squeeze my roommate's stupid ugly lazy disgusting pet until it pops and dies

May just throw myself into an even more difficult situation because i am just a f***ing idiot. Hey hey why not. Im about living that life.

I think I finally found the sext buddy I have been looking for!! He turns me on so much is amazing even me. He is also my type and my age, which is amazing considering most guys that like me are older. There is just something about him that drives me crazy sexually and it shocks me really.

Oh my god... This cannot be happening, I just made the stupidest mistake ever, it's just so stupid, yet so costly that I just don't know. I was supposed to make a program for a certain something that did this and that (not really relevant) and then explain it to the professor, who, let's just say that isn't quite a friendly person. So I finished the program, that was excessively long so I had to make many annotations, many of them I deleted before uploading it to the webpage.... read more

He's so sweet, I can't believe he's mine.

I feel like no one really likes me and they think I'm annoying and a crappy person but won't tell me and pretend to like me

I can't believe she did that, and I can't believe I was actually speechless. I'm so f***ing stupid she probably hates me now. All I ever wanted to hear her say was I Love You and when she finally does I stand there like a dumbass 😩😩😩😩 f***!!!