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I came from a family of entrepreneurs and thinkers, but I was cursed with an ugly face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am about to work out my dream. I am so excited, but I need to keep it hush hush so I can just disappear.. Someday soon I will be in a different world witha whole new set of humans to cherish instead of the black hole crawling with judgemental f*** ups.

I am so close to beginning my dream ❤

f*** this site. People here are f***ing stupid.

What do I expect from people who constantly miss points?

I have a girlfriend yet when I see a beautiful girl I end up talking to her, being friends then eventually take her purity and they would become obsessed which will either end up with me getting hurt or humiliated in public. Although that's the case I still end up being friends with them again and also have my way whenever I want. I don't force them though. This happens a lot and I'm not really that handsome yet this happens. I always think they're out of my league yet I stil... read more

If you are male and you call yourself a feminist you might as well hand in your man card

It's simple - I'm the odd one out. I was always different from everyone growing up in grade school and was bullied daily, which led me to an addiction of video games. Parents cut that out cold turkey at the end of high school and I ended up changing a lot, becoming a huge social butterfly the summer before college. I began partying and found that I got along with so many people. I had friends from all different social groups, people wanted to be MY friend - it was like this c... read more

I wish you would stop trying to brush off my problems and make yourself seem much more worse off. This isn't a contest for who's more miserable or worse off in life, all I ask is for a little comfort for when I'm the one hurting, not to feel worse than I started with. Knock it off already, it's a bad way to go about a relationship and you KNOW this.

I'm not going to be able to pay rent this month. My roommate said that they'd be able to help, but I have no clue how to ask them if they wouldn't mind helping me out until I get a job. If not, I'm going to get kicked out and I'm going to have to move in with my mom again. I'm so scared of getting kicked out, I have no idea what to do

I get sh** on whenever I tell my boyfriend that everything isn't all Disney and f***ing fairy tales. He expects that from someone like me who gets pissed when someone tries to make the relationship perfect. He defines a perfect relationship from Instagram or whatever. If I don't cooperate, he would argue with me until I finally flip my sh**. I just don't think I'm the kind of girl who can be that if he wants someone to make the relationship some kind of classic romance movie.

My boyfriend loves w me. Yet constantly disrespects and stays on his Xbox in my room. I'm up right now because of this. My words mean nothing "I'm oding". I can't wait for his comfortable a** to have his money saved up to move tf on out

Does anyone else have moments where they don't understand jokes? I often have to have jokes explained to me.... And I take sarcasm very literally. It usually only happens when I'm really tired, hungry or angry. I wish I wasn't like this.

Where do i even start...im thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend of a year and a half because im just now realizing that im a doormat that he's taken advantage of. He became obsessive with me and even said he'd prefer i didn't spend time with anyone but him. It even made him upset when i hugged my dad. If thats not enough, I considered myself a strong woman who could stand her ground enough to be respected but he constantly degraded me, not to mention never taking no for ... read more

Please leave me alone I want to sleep in peace.

I'm starting to miss one of my former friend, however, I highly doubt she's feels the same way. Here's a small story when I first met her I thought she was cool and unique from the other females back at my hometown. Over time she changed but I still see that she's growing up to the beautiful young woman she's becoming. I'm quite disappointed in myself for reasons I can't explain, I broken her trust and at the same time the promise I made to the grandmother. I've tried my best... read more

This is all I have to live with

I made a promise not to cyber stalk you anymore, but g**d*** is it difficult

I always ask you how you are and tell you that I care. I never here any of that from you, is that real friendship? NO.

I feel like every important decision I've made in my life has been the wrong one.

I gotta stop prioritizing people who don't prioritize me but I'm so lonely I'll end up taking the bad friends just to say I have some.