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Cheech & Chong - Lost Due to Incompetence (Theme For A Big Green Van)

Love it lol! :-)

Do any of y'all shave your vaginas and does it hurt when it regrows??

I thought I liked her but I don't think it's real. I saw her again but I didn't feel the same way. I dont know what to think anymore. I was so serious before but now I have no idea. I think we should stop doing cutesy couple sh** and just be friends. But then again I did like her and I am attracted. I'm notbsure what to think anymore...

Free - All Right Now RARE

hi, i'm diss parrot, i hava penus and it hasa bad odor it smells like a rectum.

James Gang - Funk #49

Rare Earth - I Just Want to Celebrate

happy thoughts, great vibes :-)

rare earth - get ready

some folks are more uplifting, and seek out a higher minded thought of being, more energetic, and exciting to think happy thoughts:-)

I am so tired of having inconsiderate house guests. I'm afraid to say anything because I don't want to ruin my relationship with these people but they are all driving me crazy.... I have been trying to study for an exam and read and do homework and they are loud, messy and demanding. They forget that I also have a full-time job and want me to drive them around too. It is costing me so much money to run the central a/c, especially when they keep the front door open, and my ele... read more

So my boyfriend had stepped on something with his foot and I was trying to look at it to see if anything was in side of the his foot wound. I pressed down on it and then pressed my nail to the side of it to see if anything would come out. I was trying to help him. I apologized. I even said he should put a bandaid on it. My boyfriend being the way that he is accused me of doing it on purpose. Called me names and continued to be a prick. Like wtf? I'm trying to help you and tha... read more

It's 8:30 I'm going to take 3 doses of melatonin and die

Rare Earth - I Know I'm Losing You (full version)

some folks think the cup half full, but shouldn't we not think thoughts that can dis-ease us and those around us?
love the song though, it reminds me of being in a car, as a kid, at nite, while it was raining, going to fashion fair, or moores department store, or out to the laundromat, lol, where once my head got stuck in a little gate while the cloths were being done, but thanks to a stranger, i wads extracted from my predic... read more

Every time I leave home and come back my mom has my room a mess. It's normally clean but there's always things out of place and my makeup brushes are used horribly. If you're going in my room at least put things back where you found them and tidy it like I had it!

i hasa peenuts that is stanky like my mother's vag. HUHuHuhUhuhUHUHUH!

The Supremes - The Happening

really depressed atm, out of the country and really just looking for someone to talk me through this episode, been depressed for years, ain't nothing new, just f***in sick of being surrounded by irresponsible dickheads

R Dean Taylor - Gotta see Jane

the songs are just stuff i enjoyed listening too, when i first learned of cannabis, so then of course they still seem very special

I hate myself. I think I'll do something stupdi.

I mentioned the idea of art school and my parents are arguing. I knew I should have never mentioned it...I should have kept on the doctor/lawyer idea :(