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I know that you shouldn't wish bad things on people but I really want my ex to be misrebel because he made me misrebel so many times during our relationship and I'm pissed off about it.

I don't need a lecture, I just needed to vent about it.

I know that you shouldn't wish bad things on people but I really want my ex to be misrebel because he made me misrebel so many times during our relationship and I'm pissed off about it.

I don't need a lecture, I just needed to vent about it.

My [online] friend has this annoying habit where if i ask her a question / ask her for help, she'll ignore it. i'll then say something else, and she'll respond to that, but she won't respond to my question even if i point out she didnt respond. i pointed it out to her today telling her that i wasn't mad, but it was a little frustrating when she acts like that. it's been about 3 hours and i still haven't gotten a response, even though she's online on skype and reblogging posts... read more

There's a couple things I'm pissed about. #1 Is the way children are treated. People think anyone under the age of 18 is just retarded, sure there are plenty of stupid kids, but there are maybe even more stupid adults due to there simply being more adults than children. Also the fact that we essentially have the rights of a slave. WE CAN'T EVEN f***ING LEGALLY OWN A DAMN OBJECT UNTIL WE'RE ADULTS. AM I THAT f***ING RETARDED THAT I'LL SCREW UP EVERYTHING BY OWNING AN OBJECT!? ... read more

I feel like I'm always able to pickup my life and start over somewhere else. Is that a good thing?

I really want to kill myself. I have plans.

Snap f*** sexy site

f*** you, you can't even respond.

Passive aggressive people can go kick rocks!

I have a question for people who aren't homophobic I'm in a really rough place right now and I really just want honest, genuine people to talk to right now.
I'm "in the closet" and I've never come out to anyone. I don't believe in casual sex and I'm not a perv in any sense. In fact I've trained myself to check out girls like any normal guy (even though it kind of offends me to do that i feel like that adds to the "people are sex toys" mentality I see today) and convince mysel... read more

Miss you BB....especially you convo and wit.

f*** i wish i was single

V Cyr liked one of my tweets.
What an a**.

So nature divides us into two basic social roles when it comes to courting (i.e., romance). We are either alpha or beta. So the alpha male is the obvious one: the jock, the bad boy, the one who has no trouble with the ladies. Then there are the beta males (and the omega males, but they pretty much just hook up with other omegas, so they form their own little outside romance chain). The beta male has to work a little harder. He has to spend more time with the ladies and woo th... read more

Best way to make money and establish a long term investment business--> Step 1: Find a group of people who feel outcasted and ostracized by society, who aren't happy and need some kind of meaning in their lives. Step 2: Make those people feel like they belong to a group, make them feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Step 3: Have them sign up for the news letter, or come to a certain building weekly. Step 4: Take their money! There is a myriad of way... read more

Today's dating world is "f*** first, ask questions later" and that's honestly why I'm not in a relationship. I'm tired of meeting with a guy only to find that he just wants to f***. What a waste of my time, you know? I thought we were going to try to connect as human beings before we showed each other our most intimate and vulnerable selves. If I just wanted to get off, I'd stay home and use my vibrator-- most men can't make a woman orgasm anyway. They just want a c** dumpste... read more

I'm staying with my family while my husband's deployed. Hubby and I let our baby cry it out, and my mother criws and treats me like I'm neglecting my child every time it happens. I try not to do it as often since there are other people that the crying affects, but since I've moved back in, my child has gone from waking up once or twice a night to waking up seven or eight times a night. In other words: not working. It's Sophie's choice here. Do I stay with the judgy parents an... read more

Here's everything I wanted to tell this guy, but couldn't: FYI, most men are nice, and that's fantastic. That' means most of you are decent humans. But being nice isn't the only thing a woman looks for. There has to be chemistry, we have to connect on some other level. Why are you so defensive about this? I'm clearly not the woman for you. You think my taste in music is s***, you don't have similar beliefs (in fact I think your beliefs are pretty wacky), you think my choice... read more

I'm scared that I've allowed myself to sink so low that I'll never actually be able to start my life. I'm scared my mistakes in high school has screwed my adult life over completely. I'm 100lbs over weight, unable to secure a job, no license, and a closeted homosexual. I'm 23 years old and I'm scared I'll never get to experience love, or friendship. I'm scared.

Me and one of my close guy friends were drinking and we ended up having sex. The next day he pretended to not know what happened. He's trying to play like he was blacked out drunk when I know for a fact he wasn't. If anything I was more drunk then he was and I f***ing remember. I'm not crazy I don't want him. I don't want to be in a relationship with him or anything. But it's hurting my feelings that he's denying Or pretending like it didn't happen because he's embarrassed th... read more

To some transgender people who wants a third type of bathroom because they ''do not identify as either male or female''. s*** and piss in your pants.