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So tired of being looked at like everyone's annoying little sister :( i need a new personality

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Again I try organise something they never ever tell me anything until last minute inconviencing me again . They ask me to do stuff for them like take them to this place they don't tell me the address cause I'm a taxi and telling me the road name only is really helpful and don't tell me what time so I'm just chilling and then they're late because I didn't know what time I'm supposed to get them there . I give up I'm not helping anymore just doing my own thing now

Why is he so annoying ! Doesn't decide anything I feel like I'm dragging him around everywhere . I don't get it why am I doing all the decision work

Broken. Irrevocably.
Until the next woman.
Then again and again.
Just let me f***ing die.

Staring at the bottom of your glass... Hoping one day you'll make the dream last.............. Maybe one day I'll understand why everything I touch always dies.........
It's because I died. There's nothing human left.
I killed it all.

Have happiness.... Have love.... Have everything I wish I could have had....

Suicide is my only freedom. The sharp glass against my throat............... There was never any other outcome.

Kill me. I deserve nothing more, nothing less. Only death... Only the abyss

Sometimes I feel like committing suicide. Then I realize that I'm too lazy.

I work for family friends and feel like I'm constantly under a microscope and it f***ing sucks. Whenever I get a comment from them it feels super backhanded like, "hey u we're doing this thing wrong but we're gonna try to be super casual about it but it also 100% ur fault has to change" I would rather them just f***ing say what they want.

My sins conquers all, pay the price and watch me fall

I just tried to die tonight, but instead i pussyed out. I'm not really sure how to feel about that. I wrote the suicide note and everything, yet i couldnt bring myself to chug that bleach. I hate myself not just for being too much of a coward to die but also just kind of in general. It's because I'm a garbage person whos a burden on everyone they love.

I'm in college for art and music and writing and it's not like I don't wanna do that stuff but there's nothing I enjoy more than staying in bed. Like yeah, singing in a quartet or publishing a book would be incredible but you know what that takes? Work. You know what doesn't? Suicide

I wish every rude and inconsiderate customer that ever gave me a hard time at work could kick the bucket.

It hurts. Love hurts. Never being in a relationship but why do I feel this way. I feel a ache, a painful knife jabbing my heart every time I am reminded of you. I tried looking at others but I don't think I will ever get the feeling I did when I looked at you. Your eyes were enough to show me how kind and genuine you were. Every time I had a chance to talk to you my heart would race and I would clench up in nervousness. I never expressed it. Only two know of my feelings for y... read more

One girl and ten guys locker room

So I was told that my grandpa was sent home to die because the doctors couldn't do anything for him no more chemo no radiation so hes home and dying he cant walk so now he has to wear diapers I keep check in on him during during night cause his breathing when he sleeps scares me I don't know how long days months years I don't know and my great aunts come over and I know they are just trying to help but they keep reminding me that he's dying and it hurts even more every time h... read more

Because of a... let's just call it a *personal problem*..., along with my want to be with someone I'm currently not and also their goals, I'm going to have to try and juggle this *personal problem's* needs with infatuation for another person for multiple months if I ever want to truly be with them, and even then there's a high chance it won't work out. But honestly screw it. There's nothing else interesting happening in my life right now. From this point forward I think I'm g... read more

Men don't think with their brain only with their dick