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Waffle fries or curly fries?

So I just feel like talking,my mother's in prison and we got a call from the hospital saying she got beat up so be she had a really bad cuncution and she has a black eye and her thumbs broken I could talk to my guardian about this but I d not want to tell her I feel like I need to cry because I don't cry I only cry when something dies but that's not very often I love my mother that's the first time I have ever said that but I hope she will be OK and I'm worried that will happ... read more

Too late............................................................................

Don't look for me anymore. I gave up.

Sounds like a sad rainbow violin, sh1twit .

Fry me a river....

Okay, if a person has made a choice to do something, that is their decision. That is their choice. If a person starts farting on about how I am this.. or that... You make it everyone else's issue. Which it is not. Nobody wants to know what dirty dastardly thing you do in your life. So, STFU and GTFO.
You are too insecure or immature if you respond so stop being a straightphobe.

WEIRD question. What kind of boy should I date? I'm just wondering so I can make sure I make the right decision.

I'm honestly so sick of this. So if I show my body I'll get people drooling over it and people hating it. Let's get something straight. I show what I want to show. I have spent YEARS hating my body and I am FINALLY starting to love it. I will not let you take that away from me. And to the creeps drooling over it without an ounce of respect: I am confident NOT easy. I love my body all by myself and whether I turn you down or not does not change how my body looks.

Never forget HOLLYWEED

sometimes it feels like i have too much on my f***ing shoulders ive been abused by my mom and her boyfriends. A few years ago I started living wit my dad and while i was living with him I got moleasted at school and as i got older people teased me for being ugly or a s***. To make matters worse im gay and my dad is rlly religious. He slapped the hell out of me whenever i told him and told me if i keep living like this he'll disown me in a sense. Whenever I went into the sixth... read more

WEIRD question but I want to make sure I made the right decision, what kind of couch should I get?

I hope my memory erases while I'm asleep and I forget you were ever even in my life.

My stepdad just yelled at me for making his son cry. He's 9. He called me a piece of **** and when I said I didn't know what I did, he called me stupid. I recently moved to a new place and he said he would make me go back. Even though he and my mom tried for 3 YEARS. ( I was living with my grandfather ) Now, making him cry maybe a good reason for him to yell at me, but I didn't even know I made him cry until I texted my mom about it and she told me. I didn't mean to make him ... read more

I'm tired of feeling lonely but every time I meet someone I feel even more lonely and uneasy. I can't trust people anymore and I wish I didn't need anyone but I do. I need somebody so bad that I hate it.

You do whatever you want. I literally do not care anymore.

I'm feeling very distanced from my girlfriend lately. We never hang out any more, every time I ask her if she's free she's always doing something with her friends (most of which are guys which makes me a little uneasy sometimes) I don't know. I just don't feel like I'm getting back what I'm putting into the relationship. I feel like she doesn't have the same feelings for me as I do for her.

I'm pans...feeling self conscious..

Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. But not in water. Like I'm suffocating on life itself. Like a cloud is surrounding me and I wish it would just swallow me whole. I wish I could stop existing without dying.

I think my pinky finger is sprained