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I really don't want to go on this trip with you tomorrow. Just know that when we are together I'm going to be thinking about Angie. I hate you. I'm really praying that they call me for this job overseas. I'm leaving you. Don't say that I didn't warn you. The whole time that you were talking to me, I was like just stfu. I lied to you about everything that I said tonight.

i really like privacy, especially when it comes to family. i'm on vacation and came to visit them since i haven't seen them for like seven years and all they want to do is talk to me, which i understand because they missed me, but i just want to be alone. i don't like talking much and i don't like being in a crowded room. but there is no room where i could stay alone and even if there was, my cousins are like lost puppies following me everywhere. i just want alone time man.

Time to cry my anxious self to sleep

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

I'm completely numb all the time

I want to live and truly enjoy living, but it's starting to seem like I'll never have the chance.

Just try your hardest to stay committed to whatever it is that you need to do so that you can be happy, and have a backup plan or something ready when you start losing hope because it will happen.

Im just trying so hard to stay sober

Before I start, I need to clarify that my long distance girlfriend and I share all of out security things -- passwords, codes, emails, ect. When we change stuff, we'll usually tell each other
Recently, we've been kind of.. not connecting?
We havent been talking much, and I've been fine with it since she's busy with school work and actual real life things

Anyway, today I tried to log into her facebook account -- there was a private roleplay on there that I wanted to continue,... read more

Ugh there's these two people that are my friends that don't think I "care about their friendship"??
Like honey, if you knew why I always would say,"I do care" but never explain how I care, you would f***ing cry
My anxiety disorder makes it to where I literally care too much.
I've been thinking about this everywhere; the shower, while I'm eating, hell I've only been getting around two hours of sleep per night along with overheating and lightheadedness because I'm thinking abou... read more

Onto the next ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The intimacy tag on muttr needs to chill sometimes

Jacob sartorious is 14 but he looks 10

So, I'm a competitive swimmer, and my mom and I have been looking for good swimming colleges that I would fit in at, and so i was /assuming/ that we were on the same page that I need to focus on my best events, breaststroke and individual medley . Today, I go to this meet, drop a couple seconds in the medley, and add 3 seconds in the 200 free, right afterwards. NBD, i thought, chalk it up to being tired. But my mom. ohh my mom got triggered. went on and on about how she expec... read more

lmao i think i've stopped caring abt other/fickin hate because it's basically all the same sh** repeated over and over again
i kind of feel like i've seen it all now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

State legislators in Texas, Alabama and South Dakota this year passed new laws allowing adoption or foster parent agencies to refuse service to LGBT families. A new Kentucky law would allow student organizations at state schools to block LBGT people from membership. ha ha


What twisted f***ed up fate I have. I recently just found out that my husband is talking to my best friend's sister in law (now ex sister in law because she divorced her husband just recently too) and is talking to my husband. She left her husband just to talk to another person who is married?? I even looked at his texts which either he's dumb enough to leave it there or forgot about it and she's been asking him if he's going to leave me?? She even asks if he's going to take ... read more

The type of people you bring in to work for your company affects your business

Another Day, tick tock
laughing round the clock
don't even know you're blocked
happy ya got jocked

Blabber all the day
keeps your shiz away
makes him want to bray
but Ima make your day

Coded tho it be
ya wondering all 'bout me
keep walkin', let me be
or ya'll gonna get my knee

Smilin' when I can
gonna keep my man
ya'll can take a stand
in another's land

Movin' all around
ya'll won't make a sound
cuz your plane can't hit the ground
when ya don't know where we're found

soo... read more