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I'm voting for Hillary. If it were against anyone else, I'd vote against her, but I'd rather vote for someone who at least PRETENDS to do some good than someone physically incapable of doing the minutest form of good!

Dear random person who I don't talk to in real life, when I post something to Facebook, it isn't a damn invitation to start an argument. This isn't a f***ing Reddit forum. Get your inferiority complex out of your a**.

We're all having a nice dinner for once all together, and a piece of pizza slips off my plate and lands on the floor and a tiny dot of sauce gets on the rug. My mum flips her s***, shouts at me to get to the table and boom, dinner is ruined. No one particularly talks much and then she tries to make it seem like I'm the unreasonable one.

You have destroyed me.
You have ruined me.
By showing me what happiness feels like.
By showing me that you are the only man I will ever want to be with.
You are the one all men will be compared to and that no man will ever measure up to.
You showed me what being with you could feel like. And now, there is nothing I will ever want more than for you to love me.
I will wait forever to be loved by the only one I love.
And, I know it will not happen.
And as I wait, I will pass up ... read more

I always procrastinate. At this point I even missed by senior photoshoot. Those were available for a whole month, considering that there was an additional week for make-up photos. I'm s*** I'm s*** I LOST MY PLANNER HOW SHITTY CAN A A PERSON GET and the wors par tis that I know I can do better but all I do everyday is act like a f***in a**h*** and trudge around school alking about how much I want to die. I don't actually want to die btw, I'm too much of a coward. I'm bein... read more

OMG my dad is such a f***ing dumbass! This is the second time he's done it and I had no idea about this. Apparently after he finishes a cigarette he gets the great idea to put it in the pot hanging on the wall outside full of dirt to burn it out where leafs build it up and y'know GRASS since it's not just DIRT. So yeah, he almost burnt the house down. AGAIN.
n***er DAD

It's so weird that we live in a society that feels more comfortable putting its deepest thoughts onto anonymous public forums, but not to their closest friends and family. What's up with that?

The song "season 2 episode 3" by glass animals describes my teenhood. It's gone already. It's been gone, but it feels like it was yesterday. Don't waste your time kids.

"I've just been so depressed that I haven't felt like talking to ANYONE, I wasn't avoiding you in particular!" Okay but I totally saw you posting and commenting to other people on Facebook? Like even more than you usually do, actually? Just f***ing say that you wanted a break from me, I can handle it. I mean it's sad that I thought you enjoy my company just as much as I enjoy yours but hey why would you. I'm garbage anyway.

I don't want to exist but i don't want to die, i just want to disappear for a while and not feel anything. just drive until i forget my feelings. forget. that's all i want to do. i'm tired of feeling this way.

I hate my friends so much and I only hang out with because I'd be a complete loner without them

You can be autistic and not be intellectually disabled how is it that people don't realize this???? omfg

I never told him i love him, i never showed any emotion and he probably thinks ive moved on now. Hahahahahah i love him

I want to jump out of a helicopter

So, I am a resident Assistant at a very small university and I have had a huge crush on my resident director (my boss) for about a year now. He is only 6 years my senior, but I can't express feelings with him because of his job.
I am helplessly in love with this man and I have no clue how to ignore my feelings so I can focus on my education and job.

#RA #boss #lovehim #forbiddenlove

I said what I truly feel to that person and everyone is calling it a BS.

I apologized to you two times because I am considering your feelings, I think I deserve it this time but you and everyone thinks I am just pretending.

You've hurted me two times already.
Let us stop because I am not a fool to let you hurt me for the third time.
Your love hurts.

My husband sucks. He is so boring. We've been married for 16 years now. He likes nothing but rap or his friends. He is cheap and pays no attention to me. It's Friday night, and I am sitting here venting to strangers. CLear sign he f***ing suuuuuuuuucccckkkkks.

My husband sucks. He is so boring. We've been married for 16 years now. He likes nothing but rap or his friends. He is cheap and pays no attention to me. It's Friday night, and I am sitting here venting to strangers. CLear sign he f***ing suuuuuuuuucccckkkkks.

Do you know that saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" Well it's so true, and not having absence is making me irritated. I'm sick of seeing and hearing my grandma. She just moved in because of the flood, and my whole family is sick of it. We're not used to her, and she's so passive and wants to talk all the time to us. I know it's not that big a deal, but I'm hating it so much. I wish she would move out, and that's really mean. I don't know what to do.

I used to han... read more

Ok,so i am almost 13 (i know,cringe) and my parents are strict.But also not.See,they dont make me or my 10 yr old brother do chores or eat many vegetables or stuff.I have a new phone,we have an Xbox and Tv upstairs.Sounds great,and it is.But they only use that as a reward system.See,im a "genius" (130+ IQ or somethin)All PreAp classes and orchestra.Ive always made As with no effort.Now,I struggle and forget to turn in assignments.My grades are bad now.70s and 80s.My mom is so... read more