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I am a small tough intelligent warrior princess on her way to being the greatest effortless empress loved and loving and so are you better yet we always have been infintelty worthwhile

Y'all have no idea how hot and stuffy my room is. I feel like deaaaattthhhhhh.

Okay, so I just cancelled plans with one friend so I can workout with another friend, but well...the friend I am supposed to workout with didn't even call me, she didn't say she can't go, I'm hearing nothing from her, I'm just sitting at home. I'm stupid!

The basis of this generation: "WHY CAN'T THERE BE A WHITE MOTHER'S DAY ... FOR MEN ..."

Will I be messed up forever?

I wonder if I'm healing

I want to cuddle all day all night

Why do guys go on Omegle and show their dicks on cam? Are they hoping to see a girl on cam? It's very, very, very, VERY rare to find a girl on Omegle. Also, what is two guys that are jacking off, hoping for t***, get connected in the same videochat? That must be awkward. Why don't guys just watch porn and jack off instead? Why do you have to go through the trouble of connecting to a million videochats to try to find a girl that'll flash you?

i thought you were being nice, but you were just using me. do something nice and then expect something back. the point of doing something nice is not bc you expect people to do favours back for you! w/e.

Last year I had a breast reduction surgery done. I had a long standing insecurity stemming from the size of my chest and decided to go through with the surgery even though my doctor said that I was too young. I regret that surgery so much. The scarring is hypertrophic and horrendous. It goes all the way up the sides of my chest, under it, over the top and all around the center. They make me look like a monster. I look even more gross than I did before! I cant help but hate my... read more

I comepletly forget about this cutie guy who never shows up to class but come testing day he sits directly in front of me and flashes that dazzling smile and what the talks to me like we're friends?! Dude can't you always to class and brighten my day!

Stupid anxiety.

Just because my friend suddenly disappeared from Skype does not mean she's in the hospital again.

*Proceeds to panic anyways*

I have recently learned that I am a toxic person. My relationships around me are all crumbling due to my negativity that I can't seem to shake. I am losing faith in life itself. I am terribly alone. Everyone around me just keep moving forward. Left behind. I really don't see the point in living TBH...I am planning to slowly fade away to then just disappear...removing myself from those who I affected..I'm sorry

I wish there was still an isle of lesbos or kickass amazons to live with and lurvvvvvve forever x 8000 nerve endings in the clit

I love you, and I want to be with you forever.

Ancient Gods of Beer

frothnhops com/history/ancientgodsofbeer.html

As far back as human history goes, one of these gods was on the job.

Gender roles: a very dangerous topic to discuss but much worth the time. I've read a lot about feminism, equalism, patriarchy, misandry, misogyny, heteropatriarchy, manism, masculinism, etc. etc. and the knowledge needed to understand it is gradual; it does not just come naturally. So I may be inaccurate on some accounts. It's quite frustrating that some (NOT ALL) men think it's okay to blame women for standing up for their own rights. I do not think it's wise for some (NOT A... read more

I am attracted to bad guys. I am talking about drug addicts and very dominant and controlling men. In fact, it turns me on when they are angry or mean to me. It is normally not even a conscious thing. It just happens. The guys I am looking to date I want to be very polite, respectful and kind. But that is NOT what turns me on. I put guys into two categories f***able or dateable. It has created a big problem for me because I cannot separate these two. It makes me kind of scare... read more

I am a 21 year old female who likes to cam sex. I know I shouldn't do it and that it is shameful, but in the moment it feels good and exciting. I also like that there is literally no way of me getting pregnant. However, I do know that if I continue I will probably get worse and might try things with guys in real-life. In all honesty I am kind of disappointed in myself. But at the same time is one of the few things that actually excited me anymore.

Everybody should take 2 bonghits and text me in the morning - dr feelgoode